A half metal sphere with spinning hoops looking like the electron paths of an atom around a nucleus.

Sidelines 5: Concentrated Momentum

Sometimes thinking too much can destroy your momentum. ~Tom Watson, golfer.

A half metal sphere with spinning hoops looking like the electron paths of an atom around a nucleus.
Momentum Converter

Dr. Channing hasn’t given me more instructions yet. I think they’re waiting to see what kind of scientist I am, what kind of things that I create, before assigning me tasks. I’m glad for this, because it gives me time to really ponder what I want to do. I still haven’t tried using the synthesizer-thingamajig since I broke it. It’s fixed now, but I’m afraid if it breaks after every time I use it, people will get suspicious.

Cocoa directs A9 the robot to build. The area is full of smoke.
A little to the left now…

I’ve been trying to figure out what my momentum converter is converting the momentum to. A9 built the thing to my specifications, but I had more of an idea in mind than a clear blueprint. So while I know it does something, I’m not sure what that something is. My current idea is to focus the converted momentum into a beam. Then I’ll be able to study the effects in a concentrated form.

Today I realized I could use simply use a crystal to focus the momentum. It took some time to locate a metal to house the energy. I just needed a metal strong enough to withstand the concentrated momentum. I checked outside, but none of the metals I found were adequate to the task. So I tried asking around. Eventually A9 approved of one of the metal’s tensile strength and we got to work on the new machine.

Cocoa approaches his coworker with a large ray gun in hand.
Hey Bo, wanna see what this does?

I’m not sure what I expected the unit to look like, but it makes sense that it looks like a kind of ray gun. I needed to “shoot” the beam out to see what effects the momentum has. Collecting the gun, I also collected my fellow scientist Bo and we headed outside to test the machine. He didn’t exactly approve of testing on sims so soon, but it seemed the fast way to get results.

Bo froze solid. I’ll have to think on the results. I wouldn’t expected momentum to freeze when concentrated – it seems more like the energy would burn. This is almost an anti-momentum machine. It seemed cruel to leave him out there, even though I’m sure the desert sun would have melted him – I’m not really into biology and studying the effects of prolonged freezing on sims, so I chipped him out. The experience seems to have left him with a permanent blue tinge. Is it from the cold? But then I saw him later that weekend and he was still blue. So perhaps the effect has nothing to do with the cold and more to do with the momentum.

Cocoa speaks with Bo who is now...blue skinned.
At least he seems happy?

I’m looking forward to gettng back to work on Monday.


  1. Very interesting day at the lab, to say the least. Is that true (gameplay-wise) about the crystal being needed for the momentum conserver? My sim made a momentum conserver but I didn’t have her try it out yet.


    • Technically the ray gun is a different item from the conserver so it needs it’s own ingredients – I *think* it needed a crystal to build. When you try out the conserver it’s kind of cute…it just spins. 🙂


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