Meteor down on one knee before Darin, who is looking surprised, but pleased. Both are outside near the observatory for some (romantic?) reason.

6.7 Meteoroid Impact

The next day was Tuesday and our two Wiz Kids were excited to be going to school. It’s weird to have everyone on the same time schedule (although the days off vary), but most of the household is gone from 9am to 5pm. Whoever has the day off gets to spend it skilling – usually that’s Darin so usually that means he’s writing. He needs to write 2 more bestsellers to get to the next level of his aspiration.

Darin cackling over his writing, as he often does.
The title of this one will be Squirt: Pus, Snot, Blood, and Puke. Mwahahaha.

Earlier Meteor finally asked Darin to marry him, but then there was the matter of timing and getting them to have a day off in common. When they got promoted this week, I noticed Satruday was the perfect day. Only Galaxy had to work that day. We sent out the invites for Saturday afternoon.

Meteor down on one knee before Darin, who is looking surprised, but pleased. Both are outside near the observatory for some (romantic?) reason.
Will You?

I’ve had a wedding chapel on the Pigglewiggle mansion for several generations now, but no real chance to use it. Carman and Topher had used it soon after it was built to get married secretly. It was build soon after Boris married Bailey.

Topher puts the ring on Carman's hand underneath the wedding arch.
Carman and Topher’s elopement.

And last week Galaxy and Sonja had snuck in as well.

Galaxy and Sonja hold hands underneath the wedding arch (dressed in their best). Sonja wears a fluffy pink dress with her hair up and Sonja wears a green a-line dress.
Galaxy and Sonja’s elopement.

But Dylan and Toby had never wanted to get married, otherwise I would have given them the opportunity. The legacy heir’s wedding demands a full wedding ceremony so we finally get to try it out. Friday was Meteor’s adult birthday (gold star of course) and it made a lot of since that they’d be both ready to marry now that they’re both past those uncertain young adult years.

The morning dawned sunny and bright (as per normal) and Darin went on a minor cleaning spree (for some reason the game just freezes when he picks “cleaning frenzy” so it had to be done by hand. Meteor took the time to bake up a wedding cake and snack food for the guests, and I relocated the bar and piano to be near the chapel. Then just after noon, Meteor made the call.

The wedding went well, there was the pre-mingling, then some people actually showed up to see the wedding itself (minor adjustment to chair arrangements might help them actually sit to watch the wedding), followed by drinks and dancing.

The boys under the arch. Darin puts the ring on Meteor's finger.
I knew I liked that hat. I completely forgot I gave it to Meteor for his formal wear!
The wedding arch (yellow and red) in a grey stone and brick building (with large windows to give it a chapel feel) and red chairs that most of the guests are using.
The chapel. It’s small, but I like it.

Harley started off the dancing and got everyone involved.

Harley, Michel, Sonja, Galaxy and Nebula all do the hand shuffle together.
“You got to dance like this!”

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  1. Harley went over there all by herself unprompted and started dancing which caused everyone else to congregate. It was a great end to the party and I let them both stay up late!


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