I was called in to work on Sunday, and I have to say, after a week of working at the hospital I finally was starting to get the hang of things. I can’t diagnose anything yet, but Dr. Emery is getting better at checking my work and prescribing treatments so I was able to treat several people.

Nebula checks the ears of a small child. The light goes right through (as it should?)
Well, this looks good, I can see straight through.

Bo came in complaining about his stomach or something. I’d heard from cocoa what had happened in the lab, so I was able to point the doctor into the correct direction. Basically see if prolonged “cold” had anything to do with it.

Nebula checks Bo's vitals, she looks alarmed at what she's seeing.
This is a weird reading. I better get the Doctor.

So far my work has been fairly routine, treat anyone whose been diagnosed already, examine the new patients, get Dr. Emery to prescribe a treatment. I get to administer the treatment. Then I make up the beds and go and get another patient from the waiting room. In between things, I test samples and calibrate the machines.

A sim with a stripe like pattern is admitted for Nebula's diagnosis.
Tiger flu, perhaps?

At the end of Sunday, I was promoted to Medical Technologist from all my work fixing and calibrating the x-ray machines. I think I’m finally ready to start diagnosing patients now!