Cocoa stares up into the light...alien light.

Sidelines 8: Changes in Momentum

I have discovered that a thin layer of momentum can be applied externally to an object. A9 and I created a sphere that, thought the careful application of a thin layer of momentum will hover.

Cocoa stares at a hovering light globe.
It hovers!

I’ve also been experimenting with my momentum ray or Mo-ray as I like to call it. I think the settings were too high, so I tweaked it and now it has a dial. When it’s cranked up to 11, it’ll freeze folks in place. But at lower settings…well the results are unpredictable. Mainly they cause my coworkers to act oddly, or change the furniture around. I turned to the coffee pot into a microwave and immediately turned it back – I would hate to see this place with a lack of coffee.

The second setting on my Mo-ray, causes my coworkers to forget where they are. They’ll spin into other outfits while chatting with me, completely oblivious that they’re at work.

Green lights from Cocoa's Mo-ray point at another coworker.
Let’s try a little “applied” momentum.

I wondered if I could apply momentum internally as well. So far all my experiments have been applied to the outside. Siphoning off some momentum from the converter, I pour diluted the concrete and then added it an ordinary base.

Cocoa slowly pours a grey liquid into an empty beaker.
Momentum in pure liquid form.

The results seem to imply a lack of momentum, rather than an excess. On the plus side, it meant I got to punk his computer.

Cocoa tinkers with his coworker's computer, while his coworker is passed out on the floor.
The next time he logs in, the screen will be blue!

I’m…I’m not sure how to say this next bit. It’s all a little strange and I’m not even sure I believe what I’m about to say. Last night, something woke me up in the middle of the night. A sound, like the buzzing of caged momentum, a glow. I investigated at once and found, to my surprise a beam of pure momentum from the sky.

Cocoa stares up into the light...alien light.
Cocoa lands, hard, back where he started.

I thought it was a dream at the time. My best ideas have stemmed from dreams, so I walked up to the beam to get a closer look and I started to float into the sky, like my hover globe floats when momentum is applied – except that I’ve not gotten any living being to float before. I rose up into the air. I think perhaps it wasn’t a dream though. I remember little of what occurred but when I was returned to my house, several hours had passed that I could not account for.

Cocoa wakes up, feeling a little funny.
I don’t feel so good…

And well, something has changed inside me. A growth of some sort or swelling in my abdomen, firm to the touch. It seems to buzz slightly with momentum. If it’s still there tomorrow, I’ll have Nebula look at it and see what she thinks.


  1. Work pranks, very funny, and what is he (or are they as a household?) going to do with an alien baby? This stuff about the momentum conserver has peaked my interest, I didn’t know there was so much to it to be invented. The sphere looks really cool.


    • I’m sort of stretching the momentum thing, perhaps a bit further than it wants to go. But I wanted to tie all his inventions together someone to give it a story. The ray gun has really nothing to do with momentum in the game. (It should, I think!)

      And the baby yes. This made me sooo excited, but I have a soft spot for aliens after playing too much Sims2.


  2. Oh, this was back when abductions happened all the time wasn’t it? I miss it, my sims never get abducted, and when they do, it’s females. I haven’t had an alien baby to this day.


    • Yup. I’m kind of glad it happened in that first week before they fixed it. Alien babies are my favorite in the whole wide world. (At least the ones in Sims2 were).


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