Nebula prescribes medicine to Cocoa.

Sidelines 9: A Funny Feeling

Work has been going well, I was promoted to assistant nurse and Dr. Emery and Tabby are pleased with my progress. I’ve made a few slip-ups, misdiagnosing folks every once in a while, although none have been that bad and the Doctor on call has been able to repair my mistakes.

Nebula struggles to use the x-ray machine at work.
I think it’s this button right here…

I’ve finally gotten to use the x-ray machines here at work. Not that they’be been any help in diagnosing folks and they’re broken more often than they’re working. But it’s good to get the experience for when we need to use them. The surgery rooms I’ve not even stepped foot in, even to assist the doctor. And I haven’t done any tredmill tests. So far, most of my patients have bloaty head or the sweating sickness so I’ve not needed such advanced diagnosis.

Nebula diagnoses a young girl.
I see you’re here for the llama vaccine.

After work, Cocoa came to me and wondered if I could have a look at him. He had a slight fever, so I prescribed him some medicine to get rid of that, but my examination turned up something odd.

Nebula prescribes medicine to Cocoa.
This should help…um, I have to go check my social network now.

I wasn’t sure if I should tell him, wasn’t sure if I believed it possible, so I sent him off to get some rest. Then I ran to my computer to see if I could figure out what was up.

Nebula searches on the upstairs computer.
search for: “unexpected weight gain” sims4 “get to work” aliens

I think he’s pregnant. As unbelievable as that may sound, the evidence all points to that. The weight gain, nausea, unexplained lights, missing hours. I’m pretty sure he was abducted by aliens and that they impregnated him. Telling him that was the hard bit, since I wasn’t sure he’d believe me. But by then it was getting pretty obvious that this wasn’t normal weight gain from too many of Nova’s sweets. He’s waddling.

Cocoa is gardening, but a slight bump is noticeable (orange arrow pointing)
I think that’s more than Nova’s brownies, no matter how delicious they are.

While aliens haven’t been seen up till now, there’s plenty of evidence on the web that they have been known in the recent past. Sims have been abducted for years starting with the strange events in Strangeville and up through the most recent histories. But if this is true – this will be the first case of alien abduction and impregnation in our world ever. This could make my career!


  1. She sees the pregnancy as a boon for her career, ha! I have to say, I’m pleased she figured it out so quickly; the whole, “I don’t know what’s wrong with me,” is hard to believe, although to be fair, male pregnancy is outside what one would expect. But good for her, using her deduction and logic.

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    • I wish after they got pregnant once, male sims would figure it out. But no, in another game I had a male sim get pregnant twice and both times he was clueless and not excited about a new baby at all.


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