Nova points at Riley who looks startled, and guilty!

Sidelines 10: Interrogation

I’ve been so busy the past few days with my case, that I haven’t spent a lot of time at home. Nebula says that Cocoa was abducted and is now pregnant! I find it hard to believe, but there he is – waddling along like a old pregnant lady. So it seems like it’s true. If that’s the case then the three of us have almost all aspects of the new game tested. Nebula is doing photography, I’m baking, and Cocoa – it seems – is exploring alien life.

Anyway, after a couple days tracking both my suspects, I eventually got a huge break in my case. It *was* Riley. I should have followed my gut that first day at the park, but I’m not sure I could’ve proved my case. Now, however we’re all set and I put an APB out on him. When the call came in, I hurried over to arrest him.

Nova points at Riley who looks startled, and guilty!
You’re under arrest!

Riley was not pleased. I took him back to the station and after booking him, plunked him in the interrogation room. This was my case, so the chief said the case was mine to handle as I saw fit. I started out innocently enough talking about the case, showing pictures of the scene. Riley was hard pressed not to react when he saw those. I could almost see him sweating.

Nova searches her suspect during the booking of her suspect.
Let’s see what you’ve got.

Then I talked about what the witnesses saw,  he was really starting to panic now. So that by the time I pulled out the fingerprint and footprint evidence, he was ready to confess. Cheif was surprised I got the confession so quickly without resorting to any “bad” cop tactics, but all I can say is that I’m a good sim. Good cop tactics seem to work best for me.

You know we have fingerprint evidence...and we just got your fingerprints. Think they'll match?
You know we have fingerprint evidence…and we just got your fingerprints. Think they’ll match?

We booked Riley and I returned to my desk. No new cases (yet). So the chief sent me out on patrol again (shudder). It wasn’t so bad this time, I didn’t cite anyone, but I was able to avert several crimes with my good nature. I think the citizens are starting to see me as  a decent detective-apprentice. Back at the station, I worked out a bit, to work off those brownies I brought my co-workers, and then helped out with the inmates before calling it a day.

Nova walks into the police work out room. It's pretty bare.
Workout room

Someone had been busy – or bored at home. There’s a huge hole where our front fountain used to be. I peaked past the “caution” signs and saw the beginnings of a rocket ship. Pieces were all over the floor and when I went down, I saw a very frustrated Cocoa trying to follow the wordless instructions to match part A14 with part B12. I sent him upstairs to rest and got to work. I’ve always wanted to build a rocket.

Nova works on the distant rocket that is visible through the new "hole" in the yard.
Rocket time.


    • They are! I wanted to try a double sub-basement build. There isn’t a lot of room on this lot for a rocket and it was either the basement or the roof – which has an observatory on it so that was out.


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