Cocoa tries out the surgery tables.

Sidelines 11: Impulse

Impulse: a driving or motivating force; an impetus.

I took two days off work when I started feeling like I was carrying around a watermelon. That’s about the time I would feel the baby kick. Suddenly for no reason, waves of momentum would start deep inside and move out as tiny impulse waves with an almost audible trill.

Cocoa was eating breakfast, but his tiny bump is glowing blue.
What is this glow?

I spent my time productively. I researched aliens and past alien abductions so I knew what to expect. It would be a fairly normal pregnancy length and then birth to a dark eyed green skinned hairless child. They looked kind of disturbing in the image search.

an old sims2 image of an alien green baby with huge dark eyes.
don’t search “sims 2 alien baby”

I’m not sure what to think about all this. I’m supposed to be a serial romantic sim. Although I’ve had plenty of whims to do romantic things, there hasn’t been a strong desire to follow up on them. I’d been throwing most of my energy into my work. Will anyone want to date me when I have a child? I searched for baby names, Xenon, Einstein, Marie. Would I follow the Pigglewiggle tradition of naming the child after something or someone in my profession?

I spent a lot of time exercising, trying to stay in shape despite my shape being distinctly rotund now. We have a weight lifting machine in the house that I used when I felt up to it. Otherwise I went on walks or watered my tiny garden.

Cocoa lifts weights...while pregnant. It looks uncomfortable.
Working out with baby.

I was hungry almost as often as I needed to pee. I kept trying to eat healthier salads, but eating too little just meant I was back at the table for more before I knew it.

Nebula had asked me to do some tests while I was home, and we built a small laboratory on the roof so I could take the requested blood and DNA tests. I haven’t heard what the results were yet and I’m not sure she even knows what she’s looking for. The rocket, well, I felt we needed one. So on impulse I ordered it fromI know Nova has always wanted to go to space (her being a nerd brain and all that), and I’m curious now that I know there are aliens out there. And perhaps this child will be curious as well.

The three sit downstairs. Cocoa clutches his belly, baby go-time!
It’s time.

Finally the day of the birth came and I opted for a hospital birth. I wasn’t sure if the normal sim way of giving birth would work. So Nebula and I headed to the hospital where I checked in.

Cocoa stands at the hospital's main desk.
Um…yeah. I need to check into the maternity – er paternity ward.

Nebula knew the doctor and they chatted while I lay on the operating table, two large claw-like arms on either side of the table.

Cocoa tries out the surgery tables.
I just lay here, right doc?

And then it was over. And I stared down at this tiny child realizing that she looked nothing like the green slug I expected her to be. A beautiful happy baby. Penelope Heish-Pigglewiggle.

Penelope is a silver skinned, dark eyed infant. Her skin is semi-translucent with interesting patterns.

Soooo cute!


*Penelope is named after her multi-dimensional great-great-aunt: Penelope Curious, the first sim (in sims 2) that I fell in love with, daughter of Pascal Curious and equally alien.


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