Welcome to High Meadow

Exciting news out of Westmarch. The rumors are proving true. A new country will soon be opening its doors to official visitors.

A Cliffside with the barest hint of a building poking through the trees.
High Meadow Castle (those weird lights are points of interest I’ve found while exploring).

Last week the mines opened and the first workers moved in.

A large hole underground, shored up by wooden beams.
The Mines

These intrepid explorers are working hard to provide the raw materials needed for the rest of the country. The mine shafts have already proved useful as High Meadow had it’s first export of raw cobblestone to the neighboring country of Starhaven. In return, wings were provided for the miners to limit the risk of falling down the mine shaft.

Golden wings on the back of a player (me).
All miners are now equipped with life-saving wings.

The farmers have also begun to move in to provide much needed fruits and vegetables to the miners and other early residents of High Meadow.

Mostly empty, but tilled fields in four by four plots surrounded by stone paths.
Farmlands of High Meadow

A simple farmer’s market should be opening soon for others in need of raw foodstuffs. Fruit and juices have already been available for the past few weeks in the “share chest” in the main portal room as well as by request.

Look for more updates in the coming weeks as well as the “official” opening of High Meadow.

I’m playing minecraft on AKiss4Luck‘s minecraft server. Want more information? Eva’s website lists which mods we’re using, as well as how to join the server.

Your two cents,

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