7.1 House Tour

Michel was kind enough to send some photos of the new house for us. We stole the initial living, music, and downstairs bathrooms from the gallery and failed to pay attention to who created them. If you see your work (thanks!), let me know and I’ll be sure to credit you.

[Starting transmission 7.1.01 from piggglewiggle.legacy.save. Receiving images 26 of 26. No sound file attached.]

Light wood floors, white walls, and blues dominate. Very modern looking.
Entryway, looking in on the living room.
The building has the same dark wood roofing as before, but the stone is now plastered and painted white. The deck as a simple stone pattern, and the bare furniture required (grill, table, stereo). Through large windows, you can see into the music room.
Back patio. I figured since the last house was brick,
making this plaster and painted brick felt like it could have been build from recycled materials.
The edge of the patio and house has a long pool. The foreground is dominated by the bar. Beyond that the pool, and beyond that a covered walkway to the house.
Pool. Shame you can’t do pool bars, although I probably wouldn’t have.
From the poolside, looking back at the house, bar, patio, and into the distant kitchen.
Kind of feels Italian? Or am I just making that up?
The pool (not visible) is just to the left. To the right is the music room. This room only holds the stairs but looks out onto the patio. Arched open windows and potted plants bring the outside, in.
Stairs up and stairs down – we’ll be back here in a moment.
Warm honey flooring, with a blue and gold piano, comedian mic stand and mirror, and a golden llama statue.
Music room. So far no much has happened in here.
Green grass with the five tombstones of the non heir/non spouses that have died on this lot. Each tombstone has a coloured rose in front.
Graveyard. I’ve been wanting to make a cozier place for my sims. I think it’s working too well.
They’ve been coming out here whenever I turn my attention away from them.
Underground the mausoleum is blue and dark wood. There's a small nook (four to a side) with a pedestal and urn for the heir, another urn for the spouse, and decorations to commemorate their lives.
Each heir/spouse pair gets a nook. I need to decorate some of these better.
(From right to left: Lemongrass, Austin, Coral, and Boris)
At the top of the
Upstairs now.
The patio has tall dark wood fencing, a chess table, and a woodworking table, another patio out the office contains an easel.
Small patio. This one overlooks the pool below.
White walls (I'll be changing them slowly over time, honey wood floors, slotted doors line a simple hallway.
Main hallway upstairs. Left door is the bathroom and in the distance, master bedroom.
On the right: Michel, Harley (was Sonja’s), Inspiration room. Far back: office.
Against the far wall is a white and teal bathtub shower combo, on the the right a toilet and spare towels, on the left double sinks. The room is white and teal and light blue, with a few dark wood accents.
I really liked how this bathroom turned out. It feels so clean.
Blue and teal rule in this room, with dark wood furniture. Accessories are a pink robot lamp, (pictured aliens in jars) and a childhood picture of Michel in his bear hat.
This was the twin’s room, now it’s Michel’s. He’s collected his grandmother Dylan’s space accessories.
Red and dark wood. Clothes line the far wall over the dresser and a chair with a book cart nearby leaves Harley room to geek out.
Sonja’s room was redone for Harley.
Mainly empty room. Harley sits at a large desk in front of the computer. Behind her is an easel, painting canvases, and other art-making gear.
Inspiration room. No one paints at the moment, but Harley wrote all the books required for her aspiration here.
Large stone floor room with two desks with computers. The far wall has a book nook and two chairs, the near wall is filled with my sims. The door leads to another small deck.
Focus/Playful room, depending on what’s turned on. Haven’t gotten the layout quite right, but Meteor has been hacking and gaming in here.
White walls (yes I know), two robes hang outside the bathroom door (with Jacuzzi and toilet). The bed is tucked into a back nook.
Master bedroom. Meteor and Darin are sleeping. The master bath is to the right.
There are two private decks here, on just to the left, the other straight ahead.
A wall of water kept back only by glass windows frame the stairs up. Another open pool lies at the bottom of the stairs.
Basement. Since you can’t put a pool inside a pool, how about a pool next to a pool?
Dark room with regular workout equipment, and energizing crystals.
Energized room. It made sense next to the pool.
Look at the floor plan for the basement. Pool, stairs and pool, bathroom, workout room. And in the distance the lone mausoleum.
Basement. (With mausoleum in the distance)
Top down look at the main level. Entryway, living and kitchen, central bathroom, music room and patio, and then the stairs and the pool.
Main level. We really must do something with that science/space stuff in the yard.
Three bedrooms along one wall, culminating in the office and master bedroom.
Top floor. (Before the twins got their own bedrooms)

[End transmission 7.1.01]

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    • So far so good. No long walks and the bathroom is never too far. I’m keeping an eye out for inefficiencies and will update as hobbies require. Its still kind of spartan.

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