A determined and only slightly nervous Nebula mans (sims?) the surgery control panel.

Sidelines 12: Aspiration Blues, Work Thrills

I wake up before everyone else. I enjoy having time to enjoy breakfast before work. The desert, at least this part of it, is rich in life and colour. And the morning sun is particularly bright.

Nebula sits at the table - the sunlit desert behind her - eating breakfast. A huge smile on her face.
Pasta in the morning means I don’t have to eat in the vending machines at work.

Tabby is now the main doctor when I work. I’m a RN now (level 6!) so I’m able to perform basic diagnosis on my patients. I’m not up to surgery yet although I did assist Tabby the other day for a surgery. The controls make surgery feel like  video game. It was fun, but terrifying.

A determined and only slightly nervous Nebula mans (sims?) the surgery control panel.
Which one controls the whisk and which one the pincers?

Most of my time, however is spent talking to patients and administering basic health care. Checking eyes, ears, and temperatures for evidence of Bloaty Head or Starry Eyes. (The most common ailments among the general sim population).

Nebula prepares a female patient for the swab sample.
Okay, I know I’ve dropped this like four times, but this time, I promise not to drop the sample.
nebula administers medicine to a male sim with an orange swirl rash.
Now, drink up. You won’t get better making that face.

Sometimes we’re asked to run general physicals. Testing stamina and prescribing preventative care.

Nebula checks the tredmill panel next the male patient.
Everything looks good here. Are you having trouble breathing?

I must say it’s great not to be at the bottom of the totem pole any longer. Someone else has to clean up the messes, fix the machines, and straighten the beds.

Nebula walks confidently past an orderly mopping up a puddle in the office.
Morning everyone. I’m gonna check on my patients.

At home, things feels stalled somewhat. Little Penelope is such a delight. Her smile when she sees me is probably the best thing in the universe.

Nebula coos over Penelope in her arms. Penelope is smiling at her Aunt.
Who’s our precious silver bug?

I have my camera ready for when she first walks and I can’t wait to see who she becomes as she grows up. But it really serves to remind me that I’ve not progressed at all on my own family aspirations. I can’t wait to have a family of my own, but who has time to date? And if not at work, where would I meet anyone? At the end of the day I’m too exhausted to even think about going somewhere.

It's still light outside but Nebula is passed out on her bed, still in her nurse scrubs.

I haven’t checked smitter or simbook for days. I spend all my time researching journals and medical texts, studying for my next promotion.

Nebula is on the upstairs computer, researching medical journals.
Tiger stripes is a symptom of Gas and Giggles. But it’s also a symptom of Itchy Plumbob…

I do want to be a surgeon someday but I’m not entirely sure a full time career is conducive to an active home life.


    • I realized a fatal flaw in this lets play. I was following the three of them in rotation, but only for work days. So I was shuffling them around. Now if it’s their day to play, I play them, even if they’re off work. Seems to work a little better.

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  1. Silver bug, I love that endearment for little Penelope. Sounds like playing them on their day off might help them have more fulfillment in the rest of their life, not just career-wise. It’s cool to see other sims cleaning up the messes; my sims have only been orderlies so haven’t seen that yet.

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    • Yeah – the only sim really happy was Nova. Cocoa wasn’t finding anyone to date who was unmarried at work. I had thought Nebula and Cocoa might hit it off – but they remember they’re cousins even if the game doesn’t and only flirted a bit. So now my quest is to help those two achieve their aspirations as well as their work commitments.


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