Building Proper in Minecraft

I’ve not done a ton of building – as in creating something from scratch rather than carving it. Previously the only thing I’d really build was a pyramid back in the early early days (2011), and Takenoko’s theater based on the Guthrie. But in Westmarch, I’m attempting to make my mark on the ground as well as below.

So I knew I needed a couple of bridges in High Meadow. One for the river by the market and mine, the other connecting the castle mountain to the orchard. I decided to go with “roman bridges” as my inspiration. This bridge would need to connect a rather tall mountain with the nearby orchard hill. There were several bridges in google to choose from, but this seemed to match the height I was going for.

The Alcantara Bridge in Spain.
From Wikipedia’s article on “Roman bridge.”

I find when I carve I don’t need to plan out much of anything outside the game. For the mineshaft, I had just a depression in the ground to inspire me. I thought up the design for my animal pens early one morning, but once I got to building them, I let the land tell me where to start and stop. But for this build (as well as other “real” building projects) – a little planning goes a long way. Graph paper is your friend.

Spreadsheet with squares filled in to match the outline of the bridge.
Spreadsheets, they can do anything.

Never was I so grateful for my wings as when I was building the pillars on this thing. I think I fell off five or six times and never once took any damage. But overall it took only about an hour or two to build.

Minecraft version of the bridge, a bit square and made of cobblestone bricks, but it does have Roman arches.
I think it turned out pretty well.

There’s been a couple minor tweaks since this picture was taken, small details added. And I still need to add lights for safe night-time crossings. But finally my castle mountain is connected to my orchard. Next, the river will be getting a less impressive bridge since the water is quite shallow there.

I’m playing minecraft on AKiss4Luck‘s server. Want more information? Eva’s website lists which mods we’re using, as well as how to join the server.


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