7.2 Aliens are so Out There

[Starting transmission 7.2.11 from piggglewiggle.legacy.save. Receiving images 8 of 8. Voices automagically transcribed.]

I know he’s pregnant.

Darin notices something weird is going on after breakfast.
Suspicious lights shining out from the belly, that’s not weird.

Even he can’t deny it much longer. The sudden weight gain, the missing hours, it all fits. Grandma Dylan said there are aliens out there. Just because the ones she brought back look like blobs doesn’t mean more intelligent lifeforms don’t exist. We look nothing like fish. It would make sense that they would look nothing like blobs.

Close up of two alien creatures. A
Dylan brought these back from her travels…they’re fish?

He says it happened right before we moved. Before Dad’s birthday party. Before Harley and I had our birthday. That’s when he lost half the night and started feeling odd. I’ve been watching the skies through our telescope and have noticed some odd lights around midnight. I think that’s when they come. Early, early morning. When we’re all asleep.

Darin looks up at the mysterious lights outside.
“The last thing I remember was going outside and looking up.”

We’re not the first of course. There have been others. Others in town, probably. Cocoa said that his counter-point over on sidelines had a bouncing baby girl after playing for only two weeks with the latest patch. We’ve been played at least that long. So it was only a matter of time.

Harley doesn’t believe me of course, but I can’t help wondering. What if it’s a girl? What if she steals the heirship from Harley. Could an alien steal the heirship and fly away in it to a distant game? The rules are being updated, but I doubt there will be anything expressly keeping alien children out of the running.

Two niches in the mausoleum, Meteor's and Harley's with paintings from Galaxy.
Legacys mean death is always around the corner, waiting.

Darin’s starting to believe. He can’t think of any other reason, but none of us thought it could happen to an elder. But since it’s not based on biology and men are fertile longer than women, perhaps it wasn’t so far-fetched. Perhaps we should have expected it.

I half expected it. What if I’m next? Now that I’m an adult, they could come and take me away at any time, and if they bring me back….I’ve done the research of all the confirmed abductions I could find 3 out of 4 resulted in pregnancy.

Michel talks to a disbelieving Meteor.
“I swear, he’s pregnant, Dad.”
“Michel, you’re being insane again.”

He’s going to pop any moment I’m sure. He’ll go to the hospital, I bet since he only half believes me. I’m not sure Dad had even noticed anything, but he’s got his head in the game and is working hard to get the Renaissance Sim aspiration once and for all. We have to be careful now, pick our battles, pick what we do since the end of the Legacy is coming.

Meteor at the computer. (As per normal, it's where he always is when he's not repairing or upgrading sinks).
My online handle is … BlickblockMaster.

After Harley there’s only two more generations before the final child is born. I need to finish off this stupid Master Chef aspiration, Master Mixologist would have been better. Although what I’d really like to do is be a smuggler. Harley’s gone into crime as her career. You can be a writer at home, which she is and then do whatever you want during the day. She’s already finished all her books and is just waiting for the royalties to come in.

Harley at a desk, writing her last book needed for her writer aspiration.
“At last, I’m done!”

She let a cat die. At least that what she said. She was carrying loot from a burning building and there was a cat trapped inside. But can you really trap a cat? Isn’t it like Schroedinger and until you sift through the rubble, you can’t prove it died. They have nine lives. Plus there aren’t pets in this game yet. So how could she have seen a “real” cat? If there were pets though, then it might have been real.

Ooh – there goes Darin, off to the hospital. We’ll have to see what happens now.

Darin, looking quite serene, walks into the hospital, already in his hospital gown. Meteor panics in the background.
“What do you mean! Why are we at the hospital?”
“Don’t be dramatic Meteor”

[End transmission 7.2.11]

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    • Yeah – I kind of am too. Although my plan is to slow down for these last generations – make it last. But on the plus side, I’m hooked now so this won’t bet the end by a long shot.

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