Cocoa and Penelope "dance" in the kicthen before work.

Sidelines 13: A Question of UFOs

Life falls into a similar, related, but new patterns of momentum. After Penelope’s birth, I returned to work. My absence was understood and my performance wasn’t docked. But I feel changed. Perhaps because my attention is split between work and my little impluse waiting for me at home.

I don’t have to be at work early, so my mornings are dedicated to the other artifact I’ve found, Penelople.

Cocoa and Penelope
Rockin’ out in the kitchen.

I spend far too much time wondering what she’ll be like when she grows up. Will she be as happy as she is now? Or will the reality of this world weigh on her soul as it does mine? But it is hard to be gloomy when she’s a daily reminder of untapped future.

Cocoa sits down to breakfast with a goofy grin on his face, obviously thinking about the sleeping child behind him.
She’s just a bundle of potential momentum. Poised to be aimed in any direction!

Even when she’s woken me up at 3am screaming, I can’t stay mad at her. When she grabs my hand, it’s as if she’s grabbing my heart.

Cocoa hold Penelope who is holding on to his pinky with a big grin.
You’re gonna be unstoppable, aren’t you?
Cocoa stares sadly at the house as he leaves for work in the morning.
It’s hard to leave her when it’s time for work.

I started working in the UFO labs before I’d left on paternity leave. As a UFOlogist (level 6), I’m studying the recent connection we’ve been having with aliens. Although my work on momentum is still very important to me, for obvious reason, I want to know as much as I can about these visitors and the artifacts they leave behind.

I forget what the task was, but they wanted Cocoa to search a alien vent or hole or something and it took forever to find this tiny - tree trunk shaped - thing.
Took me forever to find this thing. What is it? How is it connected to the aliens?

We had some visitors at work the other day. I wanted to ask them about Penelope, but they were somewhat aloof, and kept to themselves.

Cocoa talks to a new face at the lab. She looks like a sim, but we know she's a visitor from another world - no one wears a baseball cap with that outfit.
Sorry, we’ve been instructed not to answer questions.

It probably didn’t help that I reacted poorly to their refusal to answer basic questions. I just want to know how best to help my baby girl.

Cocoa has frozen the visitor in place. He did not rescue her and forced her to wait until she melted.
Revenge is best served on ice.

But it did answer my question, if you freeze someone they do eventually thaw out on their own without any more ill effects than a blue tinge.

Between work and Penelope I am exhausted and haven’t had a chance to pursue my own romantic whims. Most of my co-workers are either married, old, or alien. As much as I adore my little girl, I don’t think I’d want to experience that discomfort again.

For now I’ll continue at this pace of work and family, with occasional pauses in momentum.

Cocoa catches a nap on the bench outside after gardening when he got home from work.



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