7.x – Confusion

[Starting transmission 7.x.15 from piggglewiggle.legacy.save. Receiving images 6 of 6. Voices automagically transcribed.]

She can’t bet the heir, so there.

04-28-15_7-21 PM
Wait, what?
04-28-15_7-19 PM-2
Mina, no matter how cute she is or if she has our exemplar trait, can’t be heir. I checked.
2015-04-28 22_23_18-The Sims™ 4
But…no, Pinstar’s update said that if an alien was born to a male they could inherit unless we pick a no-aliens rule –
04-28-15_9-53 PM
– Born to the heir. Darin’s not the heir, he’s the spouse. It has to be the heir that has the child. If adoption was allowed, then yeah – Mina could be heir, but we have a strict bloodline rule. So she can’t inherit.
04-28-15_7-19 PM-4
Well, that changes my next couple posts, I was certain she had stolen your thunder, sis.
04-28-15_7-20 PM

[End transmission 7.x.15.]

So, I played the last couple nights all wrong, thinking Mina was my heir because she had the creative exemplar trait that no one since Boris has had. Sadly without adoption being allowed, this is not the case. I don’t think that this will cause too many problems, Harley is still a young adult.

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    • Yeah, I had a great plan on how to bring it all back together that isn’t necessary now. So in a way its easier, Harley should be happy about being heir again.


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