Nova sits in the office across from her boss who is glaring over his computer.

Sidelines 14: Work Life Balance

This last case was a tough one. All the evidence pointed to a young criminal. It’s always hard when the perp is a teen, to see one turn so young to crime. I only hope by catching them I can help point them in a new direction.

Nova in front of the even more filled board, she works on her computer.
The infantile art-style and bold colors points to that particular angst found among the younger sims.

We spent several days on surveillance until we had enough to bring her in. When I arrived at the park as she walked home from school, she was looking guilty.

A blonde teen, matching Nova's perp description (blouse, slacks, blonde, female, teen), looks around shiftily.
That is one suspicious looking sim.

It didn’t take long to confirm that this girl matched the evidence at hand.

Nova dangles handcuffs in front of the girl.
Your’e under arrest.

She was booked, searched, and fingerprinted. All the time professing her innocence. She even tried crying. But I knew I had the right girl.

In the station, the girl sniffs loudly.
Pretty sure that’s a smirk under the tears.

She held out far longer than I expected, but kids think they can get away with it all far after an adult would be convinced to confess in the light of all the evidence. I refuse to use “bad cop” tactics unless I have no choice.

Nova sits across the interrogation table. The teen is not longer crying, she looks defiant.
I’m not sure you understand the seriousness of the charges here.

But when I described what would happen, that she was looking a a criminal record that would stay with her and Juvenal detention, unless she confessed. But if she did, she’d get off with community service, and we’d erase this from her record if she didn’t reoffend, she folded.

Crying, the girl tells Nova (listening calmly) what happened.
Y-you’re right, I did it.

Once I’d booked her, the chief called me in his office and I must say I was quite nervous.

Nova sits in the office across from her boss who is glaring over his computer.
Most nerve-racking moment of my career so far. What did I do wrong?

In his own backwards way he was impressed and promoted me on the spot to Sergeant (Level 6). I couldn’t wait to rush home and tell Penelope (everyone else was still working).

Nova feeds Penelope in the kitchen.  I can't help but take all the pictures I can of this little girl.
That’s “Sergeant” Bottle Giver to you, silly face.

My aspriation is progressing well, in a few more days I’ll have finally finished the rocket and can start upgrading it. Or perhaps traveling to space myself. I know Cocoa bought it, but we can share. Working on the rocket is a great way to relax at the end of the day. Give my brain cells a rest and a chance to connect clues in the background.

Nova - still in her unform - works on the rocket.
A different kind of hard work is a great break from the daily grind.



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