Sidelines 16: Watching

My name is Penelope Curious…no wait. Pigglewiggle. Penelope Pigglewiggle. Apparently this is how my multi-dimensional namesake started her story so it seemed right to start mine the same way.

My name is Penelope Pigglewiggle. I have spent my last few years watching. From the moment I was born, I kept my eyes peeled – trying to understand this new world I found myself in. This is my father Cocoa Pigglewiggle.

04-04-15_10-41 PM-2

He and Aunt Nebula went to the hospital where she works and there I was born. There’s a certificate on my father’s wall with the date of my birth. They like celebrating events like that here. Birthdays and new days and change days. My father’s birthday is coming soon and he has promised that it will be a big party.

04-30-15_11-15 PMThis place is called Oasis Springs. It’s supposed to be a desert, but all I’ve ever seen are green grass and rocks. This place is full of life not barren at all. There are trees and flowering plants everywhere and it’s always sunny and warm. There’s another place, Willow Creek. I’ve never been there but Aunt Nova says it’s green and blue instead of green and brown.04-04-15_10-47 PM-2I learned that outside is different from inside. Inside it is cool and quiet. It is safe, but sterile. I spent most of my time inside either in the kitchen where I could watch everyone come and go, or upstairs next to my father’s bed so he could check on me in the morning. But outside is warm and loud. There are birds and insects. New people who aren’t part of my family live outside. It can be dangerous, but it is exciting too.
05-02-15_7-23 PM

By watching, I learned about my family. There are four of us now when before there were only three. This is my Aunt Nova. She likes reading mysteries. She solves them in real-life as well. I think she is very smart. I like spending time with Aunt Nova she is cheerful like a flower in the sun.
05-02-15_9-14 PM

My Aunt Nebula is active. She’s always busy. At home she cooks and cleans and likes to go swimming. At work she saves peoples lives. She works harder than anyone else and so she isn’t home as much. She didn’t spend as much time with me. Aunt Nebula is intense like a powerful wind.05-02-15_7-23 PM-2

My father is my favorite. But I think that is right. He is smart like Aunt Nova, often thinking about big ideas and spends a lot of time just thinking. I learned a lot watching him. I learned that if you scream and raise a fuss, people will come and take care of you.04-22-15_9-37 PM

And tickle you. I like being tickled. Tickles are an expression of love. And there is a lot of love in this house. There’s a friendship between my father and my Aunts a family bond that exists deeper than the surface. They care for each other.

Cocoa hold Penelope who is holding on to his pinky with a big grin.

I watched for years, but eventually I felt it was time to change. Time to do more than watching.

05-02-15_10-30 PM-2

05-02-15_10-30 PM-3It was time to be Penelope Pigglewiggle.


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