7.6 Is this Romance?

[Starting transmission 7.6.66 from piggglewiggle.legacy.save. Receiving images 10 of 10. Voices automagically transcribed.]

Spill it sis, you’ve been keeping secrets.

No I haven’t. You’ve been ignoring me! I’m the heir. I’ve been doing heir things.

Harley "calmly" explains how neglected she feels to Michel.
Remember, this story is all about me!

Like hot air balloon rides? Have they added that? Will we get seasons too?

What? No! I’ve been working on keeping this family going. We’re almost adults already, we’re running out of time and you all have been spending too much attention on Mina.

So you’ve been dating?

Checking out my options.

Any likely suspects? Criminals perhaps, part of your nefarious underground ring?

Idiot. It’s hard work. I went out a couple times while you all were gaga over Mina to see if I could meet anyone interesting.

05-17-15_10-39 PM
Who wears a clown suit these days?
What, I thought that looked surprisingly comfortable.

So you met someone? Girl? Guy?

There was this one guy I met. He seemed cool so I invited him over.

Harley and Deshawn (bearded dude) chat in the mini-cemetery.
I don’t mind staying out here, but why don’t you want your family to meet me?

Did you get along?

Well enough. Better than that clown dude. He had the nerve to show up uninvited at our house! As if I would date a clown. Luckily I needed some mean interactions and another enemy. He was perfect fodder.

Harley tells the clown she's not into him at all.
Don’t you EVER come here again. You…you…joker!

…I-I asked Deshawn out on a date after Darin died the first time.


The guy. He’s nice. Not overwhelming, but I needed something to distract me.

Harley chats with Deshawn at the bar.
That was pretty intense, right? Your dad dying like that. Right in front of us.

He was there when Darin died?

Yeah. He makes me laugh.

Harley and Deshawn at the bar. Harley looks pained but happy.
I’m laughing but I’m crying at the same time.

So why aren’t we planning a wedding or something? He seems nice and you like him.

He’s not nice, he’s evil. But that’s why we get along. I thought about marrying him. I mean I like him well enough but…


Two things. I’m pretty sure he’s an alien. The other day he was … glowing. I think. Perhaps it was just the sunlight after being in the dark.

Harley and Deshawn leave the memorial, he's probably glowing, which means he's probably an alien.
Dude are you like glowing pink?

That’s a horrible excuse, you like Mina and she’s an alien.

Yeah, but…

What’s the other thing?

He’s a lot older than we are.

Deshawn came by and he's an old man now. The same old man who was at Mina's birthday.
So I had my birthday yesterday.

Do you still like him?


Harley gives Deshawn her first kiss on the front step. A small kid glares at them.
Yuck I would never do that.

But I might have gotten what we need from him already.


I’m pregnant.

Harley rejoices after taking a pregnancy test. Confirmed. It's a kid.
Ten simoleons says it’s twin boys!
You’re on.

[End transmission 7.3.06.]

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