Pay it Forward

I’m a big fan of paying it forward. The pain of the Leibster award is that I’ve seen the benefits from being nominated (thanks all you new readers – you make a difference!), but I can’t help pass it on…Or can I? Perhaps not through the award itself, but through other means. Espeically as now, I’ve been nominated again (honestly thank you BBQPenguinwingstrish!).

I’ll “nominate” some of my favorite people. Feel free to check out what they do, if they’re new to you and sound interesting. Not all of them blog, but they’re all a big part of my current life and have taught me about playing games and blogging.

1. CathyTea

Without CathyTea I probably wouldn’t be blogging. This little blog would have died back in December or January and without her I would have never have “met” all of you and gotten to read your amazing stories. CathyTea reminds me to take it slow with my sims and listen to their hearts rather than my wishes. I’m not good at that yet…but I try.

2. AKiss4Luck

I play on her minecraft server (when I’m not simming) and her community has been a big feature of the past year of my life. Her tagline is “build it beautiful” and be in minecraft or sims or cities skylines, her worlds are gorgeous. She taught me to pay attention to the details when I build in sims and reminded me that “winning” isn’t why we play the games we play. You can check out her videos on youtube.

3. Silvernfire

Perhaps the only person I could honestly nominate for the Liebster Award (if you want to accept I’ll send you 10 questions) as she is a blogger. Silver Threads is her knitting blog. Do you knit? I don’t but that doesn’t stop me from being impressed. Since she’s also the only person on this list I know in “real life” (we went to library school together) – I can affirm we have a lot in common despite my lack of knitting prowess.

4. Casusbella

Another blogger, a sims blogger even, that I’m sure you’ve all payed attention too. Normally I like my sims to live in their own world like Simscoffeeandsunshine‘s Seeker family. But I can’t help but enjoy sims playing in “our” world. Blog crossovers, plot twists, hilarious dialog stretch my imagination. Sims free, wild, and in charge of themselves. It’s all there at Casusbella.

5. Pinstar and Imagining Mystic

I’m sure if you’re doing a legacy you know of Pinstar and his wife. Did you also know they youtube and twitch? Check them out. Pinstar’s wonderchild videos were essential to help me with Adam Childe, and I adore Imagining Mystic’s Sims 2 legacy. Sadly both their sims 4 legacies died early on (to game eating glitches and spare-less disaster) but I learned a lot from that and without them, I’d not be looking at the end of my legacy.

Lastly, because it’s late and I should be simming, I’ll answer the questions from Bbqpenguinwingstrish – or the new ones at least.

What’s the longest generation you’ve ever reached in the Sims and how did you manage?

The Pigglewiggles, hands down and it’s thanks to this blog. My Sims2 neighborhood reached generation 3 or 4 and the Sims3 “legacies” I played with never made it past two. Why did the Pigglewiggles succeed? I think it was reading other’s stories and wanting to be a part of it myself – at least that helps me continue.

What’s the hardest thing you’ve ever done in your life? (either physically or mentally) and what did you learn?

Twice in my life I have been utterly disappointed (not getting a job and not getting into my first choice for college). Both times I realized later that the current joy I felt would not have been possible had I gotten in. I wouldn’t have been able to major in archaeology if I’d gone to that college, and I wouldn’t have my current (wonderful) job if I’d been accepted three years ago elsewhere. I’ve learned that every experience marks and changes you. I might have enjoyed that classics major as much as my archaeology degree, but I am who I am because of everything I’ve experienced. I wouldn’t go back and change a thing.

What made you start blogging in the first place?

I’ve written stories for almost as long as I can remember. A blog is a way to continue … I had a live journal once (luckily under a different user name). But this blog? I started this blog because I wanted to play skyrim and wanted to try it with a bit more character development. My choices were youtube or twitch – requiring recording software, a powerful cpu, microphoness and cameras (plus a desire to “talk” to people) or writing. I chose blogging.

What’s the best moment you’ve ever had in your life?

Those moments when everything seems to freeze. When the sun is shining, or the rain is falling and you are 100% here. Now. Those moments of magic are the best.

If you could make an expansion pack what would you do?

Not toddlers, but only because they will have to be added onto the base game. (You can’t have half the players playing with an extra life stage). I love aliens ever since Strangeville, but we’ve got those now. Seasons and pets are always nice but…. My expansion would probably break the “teen” rating on Sims. I want makeup (lipstick and eyeliner, etc) for guys. I want 3-piece suits for women. I want ALL childrens clothes to be available for both sexes pink or blue. For boys to wear skirts and girls to wear suits. In short a genderqueer/genderneutral stuff pack, because why should sims be limited to their birth gender?

[Update 6/1/15: I don’t remember it being there when I got the Luxury Pack (pretty sure I checked), but I’m also fairly sure they haven’t updated it since then…but you can now have guys wearing make-up – one of my male sims aged up with eyeliner yesterday. Yay.]

When are you most motivated to blog?

When I should be asleep. When I’m away from my computer. After I’ve read other people’s blog posts. When I’ve just written three other blog posts. When I should be at work. I’ve written far too many of these posts while at work and had to rush home to add the pictures. Basically my ideal day would be blogging in the morning and playing in the evenings.

Who is are favorite sims ( yours or someone else’s) and why?

So many to choose from… Penelope Curious was the first sim I ever played that I really loved. She married Nervous Subject and together they helped populate the Curious part of my Curious-Smiths neighborhood. Currently my favorite sim would be Mina if she wasn’t evil, Dylan if she wasn’t dead, Penelope Pigglewiggle if she’d gotten to be a toddler, Adam Childe if I were playing him…

Other favorite sims? Officer Sloane for her awesome attitude, Silduun because I think we think the same way or at least in different but complementary ways, Sugar Maple because I love her look and miss my own shaved head….and I know there will be so many others that I have just started to know and love. Ask me again in a week and my answers may be totally different.


  1. This is so awesome, and I have a million things I want to write in response. Maybe we can meet at a cafe somewhere on Bilmonaghan’s hard drive–no, wait, I’m already there in quadruplicate… and I tend to get a little boundary-patrolerish over there…

    I want to reflect on your insights and comments through the day, and then I’ll have more thoughtful things to say! I’m starting a new series on my blog called “Conversations with…” and I hope we can share a conversation!

    Liked by 1 person

    • That would be great! I spent a lot of time reflecting on what I wanted to say to your original questions (that’s where these answers all came from but needed the extra post to get them all out.)

      Though I agree, if we met on Bilmonaghan’s hard drive we’d probably never escape!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Through reflecting on your post through the day, the point I kept returning to was the genderqueer/genderneutral EP. Aspen was so gender-bendery–especially before she committed herself to being the heir (and then, she embraced being married to Niko and being a mom). And Sugar and also Silduun are very much playing around with gender identities and roles (Silduun is pretty much genderneutral, as I see her–even in having Good Grips as her romantic interest! Grips is an it, after all!) I still find myself thinking a lot about this, and I look forward to exploring this and other ideas you bring up through the “Conversations with…” series.


  2. Thank you for your answers! I just wanted to make sure that those who found me through whatever means also found the blogs that inspired me to start writing and meet the Sims that intrigue me in every story I read. I am very happy I found this community because it has opened up creativity within me that I suppressed for so long . I used to love writing and I stopped and with Cathytea and her encouragement and advice I started a blog and now I have so many ideas and can’t wait to share more of myself and work through things I avoided, by writing again. I just want to as you say pay it forward so that the people and blogs that inspire me are found and appreciated by others who need it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • 100% Agreed. I adore being able to write again everyday and everyone I’ve (begun) to meet here helps. I also really like how these Leibster posts let us see a little behind the mask of words we use. Thanks for letting me answer more questions.

      Liked by 2 people

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