Childe 7: Goodbye Lo

05-15-15_4-14 PM

05-15-15_4-35 PM

05-15-15_4-37 PM

05-15-15_4-40 PM

05-15-15_5-02 PM

05-15-15_5-09 PM

05-15-15_5-13 PM

05-15-15_5-13 PM-3

05-15-15_5-20 PM-3

05-15-15_5-22 PM

05-15-15_5-25 PM-3

05-15-15_5-39 PM

05-15-15_5-36 PM-3

05-15-15_5-37 PM

05-15-15_5-04 PM

05-15-15_7-04 PM

05-15-15_5-42 PM

05-15-15_5-44 PM-2

05-15-15_5-45 PM-2

05-15-15_5-48 PM

05-15-15_5-48 PM-2

05-15-15_7-41 PM-3

05-15-15_6-50 PM-2

05-15-15_6-55 PM

05-15-15_7-45 PM-2

05-15-15_7-52 PM

05-15-15_7-56 PM-2

05-15-15_9-25 PM

05-15-15_8-45 PM

05-15-15_8-55 PM

05-15-15_9-56 PM

05-15-15_9-26 PM

05-15-15_7-53 PM

05-15-15_5-27 PM

05-15-15_9-17 PM

05-15-15_9-15 PM

The End

Adam’s Adventures will continue in Rebirth: An Apocalypse Challenge starting October 2015


    • Yeah – Don’s a family friend so he drops by almost everyday. The rest were just jogging by and stopped. I’m not even sure my sims know some of the mourners. It took so long to collect them all that no one was able to plead with the Grim before she was reaped.

      But I was happy Adam stopped by as well, even if it made him sad. I would have hated for him not to know – so it’s good his challenge hasn’t started and he can hang around in game.

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