7.7 Filling an Empty House

[Starting transmission 7.7.91 from piggglewiggle.legacy.save. Receiving images 23 of 23. Voices automagically transcribed.]

Once upon a time there were three sims living in a giant seventh generation legacy mansion.

Michel likes to tell stories to himself, I'm sure this is one, he's looking like he's telling a horror story in his blue bathrobe over breakfast.
They lived alone. All alone.

There was the heir (of course). Harlequin (Harley) Pigglewiggle – evil geeky genius. Writer extraordinaire, mischief maker…

Harley plays with her voodoo doll in front of the TV.
Our first voodoo doll. Convenient for summoning sims to yell at.

…and level 7 boss. Also currently expecting her first child.

Harley in the early morning, home from work in her work uniform. She's rubbing her aching back.

There was her suffering twin brother, (that’s me) Michelangelo Pigglewiggle – culinary master in charge of all cooking and baking.

Michel, in his traditional cooking clothes of blue bathrobe and blue bunny slippers, tosses knives while cutting up a watermelon.

He loves the outdoors (which meant he’s the only one to work on the remains of the garden). He is a bit clumsy and perhaps not entirely sane (who would be in this household?) and now an aspiring bodybuilder and level 7 pastry chef. I have to keep fit somehow.

Finally wearing "normal" clothes, Michel waters the plants (we're down to one planter and 3 pots so it's not too strenuous).

Lastly there was their younger half? sister… or whatever you’d call the alien daughter of their other father. Newly an orphaned teenager, highly creative but with a slight bend towards evil. Not that she shows her evil beyond the occasional evil laughter. She very rarely has an evil whim.

CAS of Mina. I had so much fun dressing her, she might not be the heir but she's got two everyday outfits. This one is her green cap from childhood, and then an olive jacket and hoodie. She has purple skin, and blue and pink lip gloss - she also has pink hair.
She decided to wear a wig mainly so she could play with different hairstyles.

Perhaps her adult trait will be loner since she spends most of her time away from the family. Collecting she says.

Mina's other everyday outfit, blue lace top and blue striped shorts. But that is all. She is bald, barefoot, and beautiful.
On casual days, she mainly runs around barefoot and bareheaded.

We already have some crystals and stuff (like the complete mySims collection) floating around the house, but no one has worked on collecting since the beginning of time. Or perhaps she’s solitary since she doesn’t have any close friends, not since her Dad passed away and they were super close.

These three sims lived alone with only the ghosts of their ancestors to keep them company. Well, with all the ghosts that still bothered to show up. Aunt Galaxy comes most nights, and sometimes even during the day. I’ve not seen mom or grandma Dylan in weeks.

Michel talks to Galaxy's green ghost in the corner of the sun room? Or whatever you call the room with the stairs that looks out on the pool and balcony.
So, Galaxy. Want a drink?

Mina did say she saw Darin the other night.

Mina stands in the kitchen, behind her Darin jauntily appears (green and hapyp). They are both smiling.

Mina and Darin hug in the kitchen.
Perhaps she’s not as alone as I fear.

There we go. Introduction over. Now how to continue this story? Ah! I should talk about Kierra, shouldn’t I? Oh and I guess also about Deshawn, and Bane…

Michel, still at his breakfast from when he started this story, holds his finger up as if he has an idea.

First thing first. Kierra. Since she came first it’s only fitting to talk about her first, it’s not like I’m showing a bias because she’s my girlfriend.

Kierra moved into this nearly empty household first to provide backup for me against all the evil sims in this house. We provide a united front of insanity. I asked her out on a date and she said yes.

Kierra wears a big floppy black hat most of the time, pink sundress with winter tights (and blue socks). Here she is smiling up at Michel her arms stretched as if to say "hey"
Well she said, “What took you so long?” But I figure that means yes.

We went for a date in the park. I’m told it’s the traditional Pigglewiggle date spot. Although Dad and Darin dated at the bar.

Michel and Kierra snuggling on the park bench (it's night).

Michel goes in for his "first kiss" with Kierra.

This is the selfie photo they took moments after Kierra said she'd be his gf. They look pretty goofy.

I asked her to move in after the date and she said yes! Now Kierra didn’t get along with Mina at first since she was weirded out by her being an alien and all purple and such.

And I was worried, Mina’s evil streak would come through and they’d be fighting all the time. But by now Mina know somethings just take time and within a day Kierra’s wish to be “mean” to Mina had transformed into a wish to be friends.

Mina is in the dark park, hand on hip, glaring at the camera.
I think she was more upset you invited your baby sister on your date. I would have been furious.

Kierra decided to be a painter by trade. But even though she’s got a family aspiration, we’re waiting on starting our own family until we feel ready. Or until there’s room in the house again – it didn’t take long for our little trio to double.

Kierra stands in front of a small classic painting...of a stick horse? Llama?
This perfectly expresses my love for Michel. I hope we can marry soon.

Now onto Deshawn. He asked Harley out on a date over in Oasis springs where he lives, so she took the chance to tell him she was expecting. I think that’s his “excited face.”

Harley "shares the news" with Deshawn, who looks a bit awkward to be learning he's a father. I honestly had no idea if he was going to be happy or not.
So…remember the time we spent in the observatory?

Actually, Deshawn was over the moon since he’s family-oriented. (Yes, he an elderly evil, ambitious family-oriented sim, go figure). And after Bane’s birth, he insisted on moving in. He gets lots of whims to flirt with my sister and such, but she doesn’t reciprocate that much even though their friendship and romance are practically maxed. She does really like him.

Harley (autonomously) recites love poetry to Deshawn. Once she's in the mood, she flirts a storm with him, but she not romantic without a bit of nudge.
I love you like the howling wail of werewolves at a full moon.

Perhaps she’s too busy being pregnant. Deshawn joined the tech guru career to feel like he was providing something to the family. Although it may also have been an excuse to play on the new VR game system dad had brought home. It’s not like we needed the money.

Deshawn ducks in anticipation of a block flying over his head while play Blikblock in the VR gaming rig.

He’s not the only one who like gaming down there. Perhaps a locked door is in order?

The grim is airborne after evading a block in blikblock. This is where he was found after he reaped Meteor.

And now there’s Bane. Little Bane makes six.

Harvey cuddles a little dark skinned boy with large amber eyes.

You wouldn’t know Deshawn is alien to look at his son, but I know he is cuz soon after he moved in, I saw him in the bathroom… He’s blue.

I had Deshawn remove his disguise once to see what type of alien he is. He's very blue, but looks kindly.

And the six sims all lived happily (or evilly and insanely) ever after… or until the next time.

[End transmission 7.7.91]

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  1. Oh, I love this chapter! I feel like the writing is getting so rich here–we’re really getting to know your Sims! and I adore the photo of Grim on the gaming rig–AMAZING! It’s great to know your Grims also love to game! 🙂 Gotta be some reward after a hard day reaping, right?


    • I noticed your grim liked gaming as well. I’m thinking I’m getting better at how to write this blog thing and how to see the personalities. Reading other blogs have helped. I’m eagerly looking forward to my next challenges for the writing. Although I’m trying not to rush to the end of this one.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, wow! Mina is so good-looking! But I find all female aliens very pretty. Maybe I would find males pretty, too, if there were some, but I’ve only seen girls on blogs so far – Penelope, Mina, onezero, ninjapig’s Alondra… Deshawn is the first male alien I saw! Not that I complain, I just find it curious 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Adam in my Wonderchild is male and I think he’s very good looking…his brother less so. But the red hair on blue skin is odd looking at first. I agree Mina is beyond pretty. Well have to see how Penelope turns out when she grows up.


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