Sidelines 18: The Apple Artist

Call me crazy but I finally finished building the rocket Cocoa bought while he was pregnant.

Nova welds the base of the rocket in place.
Just need to weld on this last hatch.

Sure it might kill me, it might not even take off, but I gotta try it out!

Just the tip of the rocket is visible on the surface.
Sub-basement rocket. I figured it would launch since the game let me place it, but I wondered.

Since it was my day off, I figured I HAD to give it a simple spin. Just put it in low earth orbit and then come right back. That should be safe enough. I haven’t had a chance to upgrade the rocket. It’s just OOB right now, out-of-box. My mom spent her whole life upgrading her rocket before she ever flew in it. She said she wouldn’t have dared fly without all the extra fuel, improved boosters, landing gear, etc. But I’m not in a legacy anymore and I didn’t have to wait.

Nova, in her blue space suit, enters the rocket.
Launching in T minus 10-9-8…
The rocket lifts clear of the house (not burning anything in the process!)
And we have liftoff.
Nova emerges safely from the rocket, the basement room is filled with smoke.
I’m glad we installed those vents.

It took off like a charm and I enjoyed a few moment of weightlessness. Well actually I’m not weightless, I’m just falling sideways so fast it feels like I’m weightless, but physics aside, it’s awesome. Everyone should try it.

Cases continue to pile up at work. I’ve got several going now that I’m a Lieutenant and every day brings us closer to closing one of them. I’ve got the “Banana Theif.” They’re related to a previous criminal I’d booked, but their taletell signs is all over this crime scene. I think they might be a criminal leader or perhaps a mastermind who trains other criminals.

A banana peel lays by the side of a bed.
Suspicious banana peel.

Then there’s the “Apple Artist.”  A graffitii artist who is either copying the Banana theif or just came up with a similar tag.

Nova leaves the vandalized room after taking evidence photos.
And on the other side of the bed, you could see the damage. They will never get the carpet clean of this mess.
Close up of the apple core left behind near the graffiti.
Suspicious apple core.

This “Apple Artist” was easy to catch. Another young teen turned to crime. We found her at the park, and the moment I sat down she looked nervous.

A young girl in a yellow tank top, and cute brown buns, plays chess, she looks very nervous.
Is this our Apple Artist?

But she’s not a hardened criminal so after a little questioning, she broke.

Nova questions the suspect.
The art at the scene here…it looks very similar to the childhood drawings we found in your house.
The suspect confesses! Tear and all.
I-I’m sorry!

I asked her about the banana found at her last “artistic” expression, but she said she didn’t know anything about it. She said it wasn’t hers and she was allergic to bananas. She just wanted to go to university and become an artist. It’s sad, but that pack is probably years away.

Coming home that night there was a terrible commotion.

Nova walks across the street in the background, in the foreground 2 sims are fighting in a cloud of dust.

Several folks were fighting on the street right outside our house. Although I wasn’t technically on the clock, I think I scared them.

Nova chastises the fighters outside their house.
You know, if I was on duty I’d have to write you up. That’s a 500 simoleon fine. No fight is worth that.

I don’t think they’ll be causing any more disturbances.


    • Yes,compassionate I like that way of thinking. I think that’s how she deals with the crime and sorrows in life. Policing can make you jaded but, she’s a ‘good’ sim. She understands circumstances drive people to do ‘wrong’ things. Its her job to find them and try to help them reform.

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