Day in the Life: Harley Pigglewiggle

Our time is short I know and that makes every moment more precious.

Harley and Deshawn at breakfast. Deshawn is clearly smitten.
You’re glowing this morning. Is today the day?

I know he wants to marry me, but I don’t think I could handle being a widow for the rest of my life. I’m grateful he’s never asked.

Yesterday we had a scare. Mina said she’d walked into the living room and there he was, lying on the floor, Grim looming overhead.

Deshawn lies on the living room floor, the grim, still in the music room approaches.
Specter of Death.

Luckily it was a false call and Deshawn was returned to us.

Mina, Galaxy, and the Grim watch as Deshawn is returned to life.
Oops, sorry, my bad. I was a little early.

But I know it’ll happen soon. Sooner than I can imagine. He wasn’t around for Bane’s birth, but when I had little Ivy, he panicked completely. And he couldn’t believe that I’d just go back to sleep after giving birth.

Deshwan in "parental panic" mode.Ivy was an adorable child. I think she looks just like him, in color at least.

Harley cuddles a little blue baby.

Since he panicked so last time. I figured I would go to the hospital for this last baby. And it is the last. I’m tired of being pregnant all the time. But the kids are something permanent to remember him by. Through them, he’ll live on.

As other sims may have discovered, the hospital isn’t the safest place to have a child.

A ghost mans the helms at the baby center.
I didn’t know ghosts could even have careers.

I don’t recommend the night shift there. Little Luthor look a lot like his sister. And I think I see a budding evilness in there.

Harley cuddles another blue child. He appears to be glaring.
Who’s our little master villian?
Deshawns feeds Luthor on his last day.
These children are my masterpieces. My life’s work is complete now.

He’s been a good father to the kids, even if his time with us is short.

Deshawn points to the sky as his soul begins to leave. Luthor watches from his crib.
Now that you’re fed, it’s time to go.
Harley weaps as the Grim reaps.
There’s nothing to do when it’s really your time to go.
A lone alien urn in the mausoleum.
Rest in piece, Deshawn. Our love, though brief, was true.

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    • It seems to be a bit by chance. So far the kids born between in game aliens are either human (like Bane) or half like the other kids. I think you can get a full alien as well (one who can disguise themselves) but I’ve only seen them from abductions.

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