I woke up early this morning. Thought I’d get some finishing in.

Mina fishing in front of the stunningly blue river near their house.
There’s a peace that comes with solitude.

The house has gotten so full recently, Harley just had her the third child. Even after Deshawn died, seven is a lot of sims. So it’s nice to get out and relax. I don’t really need the fish. I’ve already finished my collector aspiration.

Mina's bedroom is filled with My sims, crystals, fossils, and metals.
This is only half my collection, the rest are in the basement.

Nothing was biting though. I guess I don’t have the patience for a fisher. Over breakfast, Michel asked me who I wanted to invite for my birthday party tonight.

Mina ponders Michel's question over dinner.
I’m assuming you don’t want a big party, but we have to do something.

Yeah – tonight, I leave childhood behind for good. It’ll be a small party – I don’t have a lot of friends. Unlike Harley, I don’t have a lot of enemies either. But I gave him my guest list and headed upstairs.

Mina stands in her swimsuit in front of a blank canvas.
I don’t want to get my clothes dirty.
Mina's painting is now filled with a watercolor forest scene.
I like the way the trees run into the cliffs.

All too soon, it was time for the party. I invited my childhood friends. We’re all just friends, none of them excite me, but they’re my only friends.

Mina greets the three boys she's known since childhood.
Hi! Glad you could come. Just go inside, I’ll be ready in a minute.
Mina, in her purple sequined party dress, calms herself in the mirror.
Nothing like the specter of a “real” job…

Greetings over, I quickly went inside to change and give myself a little pep talk. No need to be nervous, I would just be a fully fledged adult in less than an hour.

I joined the party, which was in full swing then. Michel made me a delicious gourmet cake, but I had no idea what to wish for.

Mina frowns as she thinks up a proper birthday wish.
Right now, I kind of wish he wasn’t blowing that horn.
Mina blows out the candles on her white gourmet cake.
Don’t worry, I’ll never tell.
Mina (already in the chef career) practices her mixology late at night.
Let’s see, first you juggle the bottles…

But I did know what I wanted to do. Surprised? Thought I’d pick something creative or perhaps evil?

Well, mixology is both. You get to create stunning drinks and strange concoctions and it’s a great way to get the dirt on people. After a couple salty llamas, a sim’ll tell you almost anything. I’ll make sure I write everything down. Who knows when it’ll come in handy.

Mina cackles in front of the computer.
This is triple password gold.

It was Father’s idea actually. His evil genius was in his writing. He would write the most scathing reports of our neighbors, but they could never pin it on him becuase he used a psudonym.05-27-15_10-42 PM

He said he got his best material in the bars.

05-27-15_10-42 PM-2

I think I’ll try writing a book when I get a bit older. Kind of a Pigglewiggle tell all. That would make Father proud.

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