It’s my 1-year Anniversary!

When I started this blog on June 2nd I had no idea where it would go. (There are posts that date to before June 2nd last year, but they were stolen from a previous blog since they were on the gaming topic). This first year has been a blast.

I started this blog because I had lots of friends (mainly Briarstone) doing Skyrim Rogue-like games and I wanted to try it out. I’d just learned I could add mods to Skyrim that would make it awesome and thus was born, Leona Secondborne. (Technically the current Leona is Thirdborne, but who’s counting?) 

2014-05-17_00002Leona is currently working her way through the main quest line and I’m sure I’ll be getting back to her if only because I want to see the “end” of the game and finish watching Gopher’s playthrough. A few other games have made minor splashes in this blog (Rimworld, Skylines), but I didn’t end up concentrating on them as I’d planned to. And that’s because of September.

In September, I was derailed by Sims4 and I had no idea I’d be devoting my spare time to it. I played lots of Sims2, and had dabbled with writing stories in Sims3. But there was something about playing the game from the very beginning and this community. Honestly without you all there to make me keep playing, who know what I’d be doing now.

My first sims 4 game was with my sister and my simself, but I realized quickly it is awkward to make your sister have kids in game just because you want to be an aunt. For my Big Happy Family, I did start posting here, but it was  game without direction. I still love my starting characters the Genderqueers, but they had no purpose so it ended rather quickly. Perhaps I can reuse them someday.

Lemongrass and Mitchell pose for a picture in the park.

Pinstar’s Legacy challenge gave me purpose and on October 7th, I started my first ever legacy challenge with Lemongrass Pigglewiggle. I didn’t know what I was doing, I didn’t know how to write, or how to tease the characters or plots from the game. They’re not horrid posts, but you don’t really get a feel for those first generations. Around generation 5 (December) I started to figure things out and I’m only learning more.

In April, the Get to Work (GTW) pack came out and like many others I was super excited and I didn’t even know aliens had been added yet. (I didn’t pay attention to the trailers since I knew I was going to buy it.) I started up my first spin off story with the Pigglewiggles Get to Work.  Nova, Nebula, and Cocoa were all from my legacy but had to leave the main house and I wasn’t done with them. They’re my first game ever in Sims on “long” lifespan and my first experiment in trying to take things slower and find a plot. The plot’s a bit of a stretch, I’ll admit. I’m planning to play them until they reach the tops of their various careers. Then unless another plot comes for me, we shall end their story.

Nova, Nebula (now dressed) and Cocoa sit around the kitchen table.

GTW also finally gave me a reason to do Pinstar’s Wonderchild challenge. I knew it would be a short challenge and I played it just over one weekend. Again, plot is my weakness, but I had a lot of fun making the image-only posts to show family life. I’m done with that story although we might have one more post or two, but we’ll be concentrating on Adam going forward.

That brings me to now.

Although there’s quite a few other challenges I want to take – Off the Grid, Immigrant, ISBI, any other challenge I’ve read recently, but like the Wonderchild, I think I’m waiting for the right circumstances. I do have two super-exciting stories planned to start any week/month now. (Some of the posts are already written!)

Rebirth. With the Pigglewiggles just starting Generation 8, I suspect we’ll be done with our Legacy by the end of this summer and I will be in need of another long story. So Adam Childe and I will be doing the Apocalypse challenge. I’m hoping to showcase my new (awesome) abilities to play things slowly and discover the plots in the game and really bring out the characters that we meet.

04-15-15_10-30 PM-2

Derelict. The other new story will be a Room Challenge and I’ll be starting that probably around the time sidelines ends. (I don’t want to be working on too many stories at once.) This will be heavily plot driven-story based on a young sim stranded in space.

I also have the start of an ISBI Sims2 game that I might post about and a Sims2 neighborhood play game that I started which was a ton of fun. I might continue playing them, but the excitement isn’t there quite yet for regular postings.

In the non-sims world, I hope to at least finish the main story in Skyrim and end Leona’s story. If I get in the habit of playing the game regularly we may continue something from there as there’s some other characters I’m interested in who will be more story and less quest driven. Yes, I like to start things, no I don’t mind never finishing them. (What can I say…I’m an INTP.)

There’s also Minecraft. I’m on a server with lots of exciting builds to work on in my (no longer) copious free time. But I plan to post my finished builds.

Here’s to another year!