Derelict: A Room Challenge

Although I said yesterday that I wasn’t going to start this…I did anyway. I figured I should capture my enthusiasm while it lasted. This shouldn’t be a long series or at least not a complex one, so hopefully it won’t be too bad that I started early.

The room challenge is quite simple. You set your sim in an 8×8 house and they can’t leave until they have completed the Mansion Barron aspiration. They can’t make friends and you lose points if their social needs get too low. Rules and scoring are on the Sims forum.

From "inside" the garden area looking over the downstairs den to he far wall which also has a false garden behind glass.
It almost doesn’t feel like a basement, does it? I haven’t quite captured the same feel in my new space, but we ran out of money.

My first inspiration for this story was the Sidelines house basement (where Nova and Penelope’s rooms are). Due to glass walls overlooking a “garden” it feels like a sanitized outside surrounded by darkness. It feels like a space station. Ever since, I’ve planned to write a sim story set in space. The room challenge seemed the perfect way to have someone stuck in a small box.

Our ‘lucky’ sim is Amelia Echo.

06-09-15_10-47 PM Amelia

She’s a quick learner, which is good because she’s going to learn lots of different skills to keep herself alive and happy. She’s also outgoing, not because it makes the challenge harder (although it does), but that seemed to be the type of child she would be. She grew up in a very small community (only 7 other sims on the ship), and she met a great many strangers every time they docked at a new station. In situations like that you learn to make lots of friends quickly.

In her teenage years she was learning to appreciate music of all kinds. Her dad was also a music lover so she has a huge collection to listen to. Soon after she became a teenager, however, the accident happened. Since I can’t play the challenge as a teenager that means that Amelia has been along for quite some time.

Thus, she’s entirely sane anymore. I picked the ‘insane’ mainly because I wanted some sort of stimuli to give her different moods for story telling, but it has the added bonus that she’s very chatty with her ‘friends,’ the easel and the light fixture, so her social isn’t going down much at all – at least not by day 2.

My personality inspiration for Amelia was Oswin from the Dr. Who episode “Asylum of the Daleks.” Oswin liked baking too although I don’t think soufflés have made it into the sims, yet and she wasn’t entirely sane either. Who would be in either situation?

Now, onto the ‘house’ which is technically a ship.

The lot is just a green field with a tiny mark of white where the stairs head down.
Yes, that’s all there is to the house from the top.

Although the ship is actually quite large, yes I build the whole thing, for this challenge I made a smaller version of the ship by cobbling together a few rooms for her to be confined in. In the story Amelia might leave her rooms from time to time, but don’t worry, in reality she won’t be. I did string the rooms together so they’d kind of match the layout of the real ship, but there’s some differences.

A small blue room, 4x3, with a single bed and an easel. The floors are dark metallic and the walls are bare.
This is her childhood bedroom, she recently removed all the childhood decorations.
Orange walls and blue and grey cabinetry of a small kitchenette (fridge, stove, island with a single stool), but no sink.
From her bedroom is a small kitchenette. This isn’t the main kitchen, but her father liked cooking so he had a small one built in their family living space.
The purple child's bookcase feels out of place with the rest of the feel, sleek, modern. The door leading out is solid with metal casing, but made from natural woods.
Across the kitchen is where Amelia moved her childhood bookcase when she cleaned out her bedroom. The curtain on the wall would be covering her parent’s door, but there isn’t a door in this version.
White tile walls and floors here. Two sinks line the wall and doors lead to the shower and the toilet stall.
The ship’s shared bathrooms are down the hall from her own rooms. Normally you wouldn’t want to waste so much space on a bathroom, but she wouldn’t walk further than she had to just to use a smaller toilet.
A small two-plot garden tucked into a blue walled room with green grass floors. The far wall is a "false wall" with glass looking out on the 'garden' beyond.
Lastly in the other direction, the ship’s hydroponics bay. The double doors are part of an airlock to help the plants stay moist and healthy and I got one of the garden walls up before I ran out of cash.
Top down view of the 'ship' you can just see the hydroponics and bathroom, the focus is on the family space.
From the top: Hopefully the mailbox will work. I haven’t gotten bills yet to find out if the mailfolks deliver downstairs.
Top down view of the hydroponics, you can see the edge of the Family space down the hallway.
Hydroponics. In reality the space is twice as big with it’s own bathroom and it’s also across from the gym.
Top down view of the bathroom, the shower and toilet have different stalls that lead out from the sink room.
Lastly the bathrooms, again shrunk to fit the requirements. Beyond here, should be the main living space for the ship.

If you count squares, you’ll notice there may be slightly more than 64 squares in this build. However the extra squares (about 8 extra) were added to make the hallway a bit longer so it wouldn’t feel so different from the original. I don’t count the stairway out or the glass garden areas since she can’t get to them.

That’s all for the introduction. We’ll be diving into the story proper now.

Chapter 1: The Decision >


  1. The idea of having this challenge on a space ship makes me really interested in it!! That is a great idea! Your ship looks fantastic. I’ll be curious about whether they are able to deliver the mail to the basement, too.

    Amelia seems like a great choice for this challenge, and having her be outgoing and insane is a great combination I wouldn’t have thought of, that should be really interesting.

    I’m glad you noted you just said you weren’t going to do this, because I thought I had read wrong yesterday… 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m a pretty impulsive person. Up until the moment I finished the mini ship I thought I was going to wait…and then she was there, on pause, just waiting. I couldn’t help myself. Note to self. Do not build the apocalypse challenge house.

      The story’s been half bouncing around all week and I was afraid of losing her voice if we waited. I admit I love my insane sims, they’re so self-sufficient! But I was staring at all the other traits to see what made sense. Self assured also would have worked personality wise, but I didn’t want a confident moodlet overriding the insane moods. I think of her insanity more of a reaction to loneliness than actual insanity. No one left alone for as long as she has without other sims to react to would be normal.

      I hope it’s as enjoyable to read as it is to write.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I’m loving the setting of the challenge! What a unique idea! It makes so much sense for her to be on a space ship!

    I wonder how one would go about the challenge without the sim actually being insane… Hmm…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ha I was right, I don’t think my first reply went through.

      If I though being on alone on a ship wouldn’t make you insane, or at least talk to walls….although it would have been much more heart wrenching to watch her go insane. So I’m happy with my choice to start after that episode. I actually picked the trait to help keep the story more interesting, I thought we might need the random, angry, flirty, sad moodlets to help the plot. Turns out I didn’t need it.

      So glad you’re enjoying the read! It’s my favorite story right now that I’m writing.


  3. CT recommended this story to me as I love her Walden room challenge and Julyvees room challenge too! It’s so interesting that she’s in a space ship! I also agree that while not clinically insane, I could see someone alone for a very long time developing insane like quirks Like Tom Hanks in Castaway talking to ‘Wilson’.

    Liked by 1 person

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