Sidelines 19: Differences

There is a difference between watching and doing.

I have never seen or met anyone else like me and I have seen that Sims are more comfortable with people like them, so I left for my first day of school wearing my new lion hat and new school outfit. I though I was ready for school. I was excited for the chance to expand my mind. To explore this world and learn from the wisest.

05-02-15_11-36 PM-2

I did not enjoy my first day. The whole concept of school angered me. It is just an excuse to keep kids occupied while their parents are busy now that no one has nannies. Education for the masses. A social experiment run by children and the overseers can barely maintain control.

Plus, any time that something interesting comes up – Gregor Mendel learning about the genetics of pea plants, it is time to change the subject, move one. You never get to learn if the other monks approved of his work. Did he have help or was he tending peas all by himself? What was his favorite pea varietal? What did he do with the rest of his time? Would he have agreed with Carl Linneaus’s classification of peas? How did he classify his peas?

Instead you are told to stop asking so many questions, shut up, and do your homework. Busy work. You learn how to look up answers and memorize things. You don’t learn how to think. What if we set up our own pea experiments? Would we discover the same thing as Gregor? How would we classify the peas?

05-03-15_12-49 AMFather gave me hug when I got home. He said while learning how to think is what school should be about, it is not easy to do on shoestring budgets and not everyone realizes that classifying peas on your own would not only be fun, but would help make better sims. Some people thing that just keeping kids quiet and out of your hair is all that matters and the fact that we learn anything at all in school is just a bonus.

I still had to do my homework though, but while mindlessly copying answers from one book to another, Father said something awesome. He mentioned that there was a thing called a library. No one would stop me from going there and researching Gregor Mendel myself. Just because the chapter was done did not mean that I had to stop learning. He suggested perhaps that I use school to find the most interesting subjects and peruse them on my own.

We have a small laboratory here. And a garden. I could make my own pea garden.

05-03-15_12-09 AM-2

Afterward, I changed and we all headed out to the park to get some fresh air. Father says one of the best ways to keep your mind healthy is to give it lots of stimulli and a good way to do that is to be active. I played on the monkey bars some, but no other kids showed up to talk to. Nebula grilled up some hot dogs for us as it grew dark.

While I was waiting for food, I went over to meet my fellow park-goers even though they were adults. I want to meet as many people as I can since the more people I meet the more ways of looking at the world I find. Everyone has their own unique perspective based on their experiences. I think that if I gather up all the different ways of understanding the world I can make my own unified theory. Father thinks it has to do with momentum, but I won’t rush to conclusions yet.05-17-15_1-19 AM

The two gentlemen had never met an alien. Perhaps it would have been better to use my new clothes. But I don’t want to rely on hiding who I am. They were enthusiastic when I greeted them…

05-17-15_1-20 AM

But as I was asking them about their world view…

Why did Mr. Galen think that the apocalypse was coming soon? Did he have any evidence to support a zombie apocalypse next Thursday? And could Mr. Roberts explain why the Seabirds were the best sports team? Surely they were the best as they could be?

…they realized that I wasn’t just a pale little girl with very short hair. That I was different. Alien.05-17-15_1-20 AM-2

I told Aunt Nebula that I should have come in my new outfit. Too many people get angry when they figure out I’m an alien. And I’m not even hiding it! What was there to get angry about?

05-17-15_1-21 AM

She pointed out that not everyone was angry. Yes, being different scared people. And sometimes that fear turned to anger to hide it. No one likes feeling scared. But they weren’t angry at me. They might not be sure how to react at first. Or feel stupid that they didn’t notice sooner. They might be curious, but embarrassed to ask a question and look stupid for asking.

I protested that there were no stupid questions and I would never be upset by that kind of thing. Aunt Nebula said, that was was true, but the people I was talking to might not realize that. She said I should be careful not to make rash decision about people. Even those who might be scared by me at first will get used to me. And perhaps end up being a good friend. Aunt Nebula’s pretty smart about people.


  1. Oh, that little face in the last screenshot! I love Penelope. [spoiler]I can hardly wait for onezero to meet her at camp![/spoiler]

    I thought about having all the alien kids at the same session, but it would pretty much fill it up, and I didn’t want it to seem like segregation…

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m working in her next post now…probably for Tuesday, so she can know she’s headed off to camp. As fun as it would be to have all the aliens in one, I agree that would smack of segregation since there’s so many. I think sims should have to get used aliens. But I would be good to have a couple aliens in the camp so they’re not always the only alien. I’m eager to see what Penelope does around others, she’s such a loner right now and onezero would be the perfect friend. She seems a bit more confident around others, probably because of her siblings.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s fun the kids are autonomous at camp.

    Penelope is SO smart and has so many great insights and questions. I love her questions about Mendel and agree with her so much about school, and how so many times children are supposed to shut up and memorize stuff instead of exploring and thinking.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Penelope was an infant FOREVER (I’ve never played on long lifespan before) so she picked up a lot during that time. Plus her dad’s pretty smart as well…I think he’s a genius? I look forward to seeing what trouble she gets up to at camp. She needs to be a kid a bit, I think.

      Liked by 1 person

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