Let’s Meet Gen 8

Today was Luthor’s birthday. And that make three. An heir and a spare and a tire…er…girl.

CAS pics of Bane (dark skinned with short buzz cut), Ivy - blue with long braids, and Luthor blue with a preppy haircut and a sweatshirt.

They’re good kids. Bane is our heir presumptive and he’s already completed his artistic aspiration. I helped. He’s an art lover which made his creative aspiration easy to achieve.

05-26-15_11-25 PM

He’s taking after his grandad, although his piano playing could use some work.

05-27-15_10-41 PM

Ivy’s the girl. She takes after her father although I’m probably the only one who saw him “in the blue” so to speak.

05-27-15_11-30 PM

She’s a scamp through and through, always on the monkey bars or hanging out with me as I work out in our gym. Seems like she’s interested in athletics which is good, cuz the way she inhales her food – I wonder if she can appreciate the “impeccable” quality of my meals.

05-28-15_11-37 PM

And now there’s Luthor. How long has it been since there’s been a “spare”? Not since grand-dad Boris stole the heirship from his two older brothers back in generation 4. Running risky, that’s the Pigglewiggle way.

Luthor’s like his sister…blue. But he takes after his mom in temperament. Social but with a mean streak.

05-29-15_12-50 AM-2

They’re good kids. And it was nice to have the house filled with youthful voices again.

05-30-15_1-49 AMBoth Bane and Ivy completed two aspirations before the aged up and Luthor did as well. Creative and motor for the first two, social and motor for Luthor.

05-30-15_2-19 PM

Bane aged up evil, which isn’t that much of a surprise given his parents. He also has a botanist aspiration. It’s great to get some help in the gardens.

05-30-15_2-21 PM

05-30-15_10-22 PM

Ivy’s obsessed with perfection now that’s she’s a teen.

05-30-15_10-23 PM

Both she and Bane took teen jobs as barista and gardener.

05-31-15_11-37 PM

Luther aged up as last. It’s good to have someone to practice chess against. You know I quit my job to become an astronaut right? I start Monday and I’m worried my logic isn’t high enough yet.

05-31-15_11-36 PM

Little Jullienne is our last addition to generation 8. Isn’t he precious?

05-31-15_5-22 PM

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    • I don’t think I have a favorite alien skin (In that I have fav aliens of all colors), but this blue color is probably the richest of the three. And yes, a spare! What are those? 😀

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