Evil Sims

There’s been a rash of evil sims in the Pigglewiggle Legacy. I’m sure you’ve noticed.

Meteor was the start, despite his mother’s innate “goodness” he turned “evil” in his teenage years. I really had no idea what to do with him, he completely flummoxed me. I’m a “good” person. I don’t even believe in evil (At least not in the traditional story-type evil), so figuring out how to understand, much less play an evil sim has been tough.

Meteor and Darin sit together at the bar.
It’s the hat, I think. Who could resist it.

Meteor’s sisters, Nebula and Nova inherited their mom’s “good” trait which is why they got moved out and eventually (because I loved them) over to the Sidelines to get played fully. Nova has a lot of fun being a “good” cop, compassionate, but fair. Nebula is more family oriented, and a healer sim and thus is headed for the top of the doctor career. I’ve really got to find them partners.

Early on (during my insanity of 10 sims in one generation), Carman Pigglewiggle had aged up mean (another devastation as I absolutely loved her). That’s when I learned that mean and evil sims like others with those traits. (I suppose really all sims perfer sims with similar traits), but it was such a relief to know they wouldn’t deliberately destroy the relationship if the other sim was also mean or evil. So when Meteor needed a spouse, I didn’t mind if they had this less desirable trait if it meant he’d be happier.

Darin cackling over his writing, as he often does.
The title of this one will be Squirt: Pus, Snot, Blood and Puke. Mwahahaha.

Darin was a quiet sim, a writer, so he spent most of his time in front of his computer and didn’t get out to be “evil” very often. He did struggle with Meteor (not to keep the romance up, but their friendship never moved above the halfway point). They’d be having breakfast and one would suddenly yell at the other or mock them. But their whims were all to flirt and romance each other, so I figured they never meant it.

Meteor spend a lot of time working on his Renaissance aspiration (one that I’d not yet succeeded at and struggled with) and I never noticed him being evil with either of his kids. Both were “quiet” evils.

05-17-15_11-00 PM

Harley did not surprise me by being evil. And I should have nipped it in the butt then by refusing to let her hang out with another evil sim. But she never really showed a preference for anyone except Deshawn. Unlike Meteor and Darin, Harley is social. She was in the criminal career which required mischievous and mean daily interactions. She maxed the mischief trait and aspiration.

But despite all that, she struggled to be really evil. She even had a voodoo doll to call over her sim-victim of choice. One day she invited him over and I queued up a bunch of interaction for her half mean and half mischief. When I returned, the two were chatting, feet in the pool, their relationship half repaired. When the Grim came to take Deshawn away, the first thing she whimed was to “apologize” to the Grim for sending all those spam texts.

05-25-15_11-17 PM-2

Deshawn I never knew very long, he was an old man when he moved into the Pigglewiggle mansion and I think he knew his time with Harley was short. He was NEVER mean to her and hardly talked to the rest of the family. (Maybe to avoid being mean to them?) I think he was just pleased to have a family finally (being a family-oriented sim). For all I know, he was a master criminal. But, if so, he hid it from me.

05-17-15_11-20 PM

Mina was Darin’s only child (only because the game refuses to allow sims to adopt the children of their spouse. Which it should. Seeing Darin and Harley have the option to “romance” weirded me out). Darin was a changed sim with Mina. Again NEVER mean or evil with her. Supportive, encouraging, hugging! What was really amazing was that his relationship with Mina helped him recover his relationship with Meteor. Those two had never had been over 1/2 friendship, but when the time came for me to say goodbye, I noticed they’d autonomously repaired their relationship and were at full friendship.

05-26-15_12-15 AM

Mina…Mina is perhaps my favorite sim (in this save). She’s sooo pretty, but not a drop of Pigglewiggle in her. She also turned evil during her teenage years. I’m noticing she’s a bit mean from time to time since she’s a loner like her dad and not around the other kids very often. Mina’s sort of in the middle of two generations. I’m hoping to find someone (non-evil) for her so she can find the kind of happiness her father eventually found.

I’ve been lucky, I think. None of my sims have been evil in childhood so they all got to experience that innocence first. I don’t know what it would be like to have an evil child sim. Luthor was mean as a child. And I notice that he and Mina fight from time to time while eating dinner. I’m thinking aging up to evil is better than it being only trait. Mina could choose mixology and creative whims, but Luthor only had mean on the mind

Even so – and I was distracted for most of their childhood working them to death on two aspirations a piece – Luthor was social and friendly and great friends with Bane. Bane is of course evil although I’ve only played him for one night as an adult. He gets the benefit of this post first so if I’m really really lucky, I’ll be able to use his voice in the story.

05-30-15_2-21 PM

If I were to do it all over, I would pay more attention to their traits and see how they would all work together to create a full personality. I’m usually too busy micromanaging my legacy to let them live fully – something I need to work on.

The Evil Sims of the Pigglewiggle Legacy

  • Meteor Pigglewiggle: Outgoing, Evil, Clumsy
  • Darin (Spouse): Neat, Evil, Foodie
  • Harley Pigglewiggle: Genius, Evil, Geek
  • Deshawn (Spouse): Evil, Ambitious, Family-Oriented
  • Mina Pigglewiggle: Creative, Evil, Ambitious
  • Bane Pigglewiggle: Art Lover, Evil, Family-Oriented
  • Ivy Pigglewiggle: Glutton, Perfectionist, Evil

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  1. I loved this! It’s so great to hear your reflections on your Sims and how they experience life and how you experience them. As a reader, this is so fun because I get to think back and reflect again on the characters and their stories–it’s an inside view that adds another layer of appreciation and understanding.

    Mina’s one of my favorites, too. I love the combination of evil and creative.

    Your observations about the autonomous relationship repairing are fascinating, too.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I’m really hoping to get rid of the evil trait soon. But it’s really telling that if you have two adults with the same trait — say goofball. The chances of getting goofball children are greater than 50% with Pinstar’s trait generator.

      Out of 6 kids with both parents evil – 1 has turned out not evil (Michel) and 1 hasn’t had his last birthday yet. The other 4 are evil.

      Liked by 1 person

      • …except if “goofball” happens to be your exemplar trait!

        I’m finding some opposites with the Pinstar trait-generator (like you might have with your first evil Sim!), and also some corollaries: Foodie -> Glutton; Materialistic -> Snob.

        Liked by 2 people

        • I’ve never had a snob, now that I think of it. Jes2Gs legacy seems to be filled with them. I wonder. I did have my first evil sim to Dylan who was “good.” Hmmmm. Then again as humans we have a lot a trouble with “random.”

          Liked by 1 person

          • Haha! Actually I think it doesn’t matter, because as humans we can’t NOT see patterns. So we don’t live in a world with true randomness regardless of the state of things. If you react to the world as if it’s patterned does it really matter if it’s not? (Yes, you touched on one of my innate philosophies there…:))

            Liked by 3 people

  2. Darin’s book title was just awesome! Thank you for the indepth look at how it is to play an evil sim. I tend to play the same traits over and over. This evil trait could prove to be interesting for me to try out!

    Liked by 2 people

    • I admit, without this legacy, I would never have thought about playing an evil sim. But I think I’m finally coming around to it.

      Yes, Darin wrote exclusively kids books for most of his career. I had fun titling about 2/3rd of them before I burnt out.

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Re. randomness/pattern – Yes, for sure! I’m of that philosophy, too! It’s the same with meaning–we have to find it everywhere! It used to drive me nuts with writing how I would start out with the intention of writing something new, and within a very short time, I would have fallen into a storytelling pattern–like Free-Jon’s story: onceuponatime, a lot of stuff happened in the middle, andeverybodylivedhappilyeverafter.

    Now, I just give in to the tropes.

    And I think what I love so much about music is how it plays with pattern.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. I struggled a lot with having evil sims in my game, but early on I was using Pinstar’s generator, and I had a lot of evil sims (It should have been an exemplar trait!). And Evil in the game means that they get a happy emotion from others around them having negative emotions. But I haven’t seen them often autonomously go out of their way to make others miserable, except my Beatrice, who was evil as a child. I think that made a big difference. But she softened as an adult, and especially, as an elder. Love made a big difference with her, of her spouse, and her grandchild.

    I didn’t know sims could apologize to the Grim Reaper for spam texts! Is texting Grim something mean or evil sims can do, or any sim that’s met him?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well you can apologize to a sim who you have a low relationship to – which is what Harley wanted to do. She’d gotten the low relationship from the mischief skill – sending spam emails, and chain letters.

      I do think that age matters when it comes to the evil trait. They mellow with age and experience, which is a nice way of having sims change and mature. I think the more bored or miserable an evil sim is, the more likely they will be to try to drag someone down.

      Are you not using Pinstar’s trait generator anymore? If so what are you using?

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Ok, yeah, I’m familiar with that kind of apology, that makes sense. I wanted a more truly random cheat generator so I switched to the one at createarandomsim.com. I’ve been happy with it. But if you are looking for an exemplar trait, Pinstar’s is probably better.


    • Ah – yes, I did just run into that. I’m thinking of using it for other sims I create. Technically I’m looking for the creative exemplar trait. I should have made sure my spouses always had that trait if I wanted it to carry forward. Sigh. Right now, it feels more like an “evil” exemplar legacy.

      Liked by 2 people

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