New Theme?

I’m always trying new themes out – at least in the little appearance section of wordpress. I have pretty strict rules about what I want…

  • Homepage and archive pages must show excepts not full post
  • Menus must accommodate drop-downs
  • Widget sidebar preferred
  • Post metadata (date, tags, author, comments) cannot be overwhelming
  • Design has to be decent…and free
  • Plus dozens of secondary items that are pluses, but not requirements

Lots of themes never get a second glance. I’ve already changed the theme once (I think) in the past year since I do love a “fresh” look. But I’m also mindful that you don’t want to change unless you really need to.

I think I’m getting to that point.

  1. I’ve found a theme I like that meets (I think) my requirements. (Gateway by Rescue Themes) There may be others.
  2. I’ve noticed for long “chapters” the infinite scroll on the chapter pages breaks and you can’t get beyond a particular point (look at Generation 7 if you want to see it and try to get to the bottom post).
  3. I dislike the location of the “next” post on the post pages – it’s too hard to find (It’s after the comments for crying out loud.)
  4. The light grey of my post headers is too light and technically not accessible color wise.
  5. I like change….

Of course, I have viewers now. Only a handful, but that’s more than I had even a month ago. Which makes changing things even worse. You’ve all gotten used to things being this way. So here’s my thinking. I change my theme for one week. You all can give me feedback (if you have problems – especially). And at the end of the week I review comments and either keep the theme and tweak it or revert to my current theme and live with the issues until another great theme comes along.

Why would I do this and not just force the change?

Well, I work in usability so I like to have feedback to back up design decisions. I also know that changing the site means you have to change how you interact with this blog (unless you’re all using the wordpress reader and then the theme is moot).

Lastly I’m only me. Of course I can find everything I’m looking for on this site and it makes perfect sense to me, but you all have chosen to read this blog and if you have trouble finding the next post or getting to where you want, or figuring out what you might want to read – then *I* have problems. So it’s a good excuse to check my menus and navigation structure as well. Two birds, one stone.


  1. Go ahead and experiment with the themes! 🙂 It’s true about the breaking of the infinite scroll; I thought it was just my internet connection being weird when I was reading your work some time back!

    I’m sure us readers, myself included, will give you the feedback that you need as you try out a different layout on this site! Thanks for giving us a headsup in advance. 🙂

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  2. When I picked my theme, I went to all of my favorite writers on WP to see which set up I was most drawn to. Then I scrolled to the bottom of the page and wrote down the theme name. That’s how I picked mine. Best of luck! 🙂

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  3. Great idea to try it for a week! I really want to switch mine but I’m superstitious. I fear everything will disappear!

    My favorite thing about your current one is the gorgeous little serif font. It’s very cute, and to me, it’s very raerei!

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  4. Your theme is one of my original favorites to be honest. There’s something easy on the eyes with the black and white. I’ve used it before in non-story blogs, or at least one very much like it.

    I should figure out what this font is…I never really notice it, but it is pretty fun. (Apparently it’s called “Bitter”). I prefer serif fonts when given an option.

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  5. Very proactive of you to give everyone a heads up and ask for feedback. I sympathize about liking change sometimes but it’s true like the way Cathy associates the font with you, that readers get used to/attached to a look. It will be neat to see what you pick & I’ll let you know if I notice any issues. Happy Theme Hunting!

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