Or how you know an information architect is (over-) preparing to play the sims apocalypse challenge.

A flow chart linking the career unlocks in the challenge as I see them. Chef  to Fast food; down to journalism which opens: Entertainment (Mixology and Pro Athlete); Babysitting; and Paiting. Painting open up Boss and Author. Boss opens up Retail, Tech Start up which in turn opens up Investor - Labor, Bodybuilder, and Smuggler. Next set starts with Ranger which open up Master Painting (oppsoed to Patron) and Barista. Lastly Gamer opens up Comedian which in turn opens Diamond Agent and Oracle. Manager opens nothing.


  1. I had a go at the apocalypse challenge once, it’s quite fun to strategise! I had so many people crammed in the house to lift as many restrictions as possible! I think eventually I gave up about half way through though, may need to give this another go again at some point!


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