Theme Feedback

There are pros and cons with any theme. My hope is the cons of this theme don’t outweigh the pros. It should work a little better than the previous theme, but it is one of those modern “lost of white space” themes which is fine on a tablet or phone but feels a bit too open on a large desktop screen. Hopefully the fact that the blog titles are readable and the infinite scrolls works now will work.

But as I said before, you all are the ones who have to read/navigate it so let me know if I should go back to the old theme and keep waiting. We’ll try this theme for a week and then tally the results and either keep it and make any additional tweaks or go back.


  1. Hello! I think this theme looks great! But I’d like it if the text of the post could be a little darker; as it is it’s a bit too light against the white background and I find that I have to squint just a bit to read everything properly.

    Otherwise I think everything works fine, I haven’t encountered any infinite scroll breakage or problems so far. 🙂


    • Yeah – I was noticing that. That’s not a good a sign at all. I don’t think I can change the color – but I’ll look into it. Looks like I traded the “light header” for “Light text.” That’s a step backwards.

      EDIT: I flipped to a different color scheme. I think it’s better?


  2. First impression = LOVE! Then, as I look at it, I’m not crazy about the pinkish background color…

    I don’t feel there’s too much white space on the laptop–it feels nice and open and interesting.

    I love the top banner.

    I like the top nav bar… I’m not sure about the dropdowns… I don’t really like the way the dropdown menu covers the text, but it’s the same color as the background.

    I love the little serif font!


    • Thanks for the feedback, I was happy when this theme also had a serif font! I agree about the drop downs completely, but I may be useless to fix that one unless I change my menus to not dropdowns. I wonder. How necessarily are they? I could just have the Pigglewiggle link go to the Pigglewiggle page and same with the skyrim story dropdowns. It would cut down on them at least. Or are the generations useful up there?

      The background color, also not my favorite, I think I have four theme options, as long as they all don’t have the super light font of th efforts one I picked… I’ll play with them and see if there’s another that’s readable. As ninjapigs pointed the first font color was super light so I’ll have to play around.


      • I like the dropdowns–and I also think I can get used to them. They just freak me out initially because I feel like text is disappearing, but once I realize they’re dropdowns and become accustomed to them, I think it won’t throw me off at all. In poking through themes, I’ve noticed some color options are completely customizable, even through hex, which is lovely. But not all are. And I think I could come to love the light pink, even.


        • I am pretending it’s beige. If it’s pink, I’ll have to change it. 🙂

          People freaking initially is why we test first for a week, to give you time to adjust. I’m not seeing a place for hex code changes, I thought that was part of the paid options, but if not, I’m on it. That would be ideal.

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          • On the theme I chose for Purple Day, I could change the background (through color palette, color wheel, and hex) but I couldn’t change everything… Beige. Down here, we’ve got a paint called Navajo white–and it looks like that!

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          • So, on my work computer [don’t squeal–I’m on break! With apples, peanut butter, and fresh, hot coffee! Joy!] it looks beautifully beige. I mean, gorgeous. And I love it. I guess it’s the color-setting of my laptop (or possibly very tired eyes) that made it look “pink.” Here, there’s no pink tinge. It’s dove-egg beautiful.

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  3. I also think I now like the dropdowns, too. And the font is just so luscious, that I’d vote for keeping this just for the beautiful little serifs!


    • Lol, so from “mostly like it” to “love it” in what, 16 hours? 🙂 I’m thinking I could get used it it as well, and the font – whatever it is, is wonderful. (Apparently it’s “Fanwood Text” – never heard of it.)


      • Fanwood. I could move to some place called Fanwood and be happy forever. With Peter Pan. Yeah, it looks beautiful on my office computer, for I feel in love with your theme there. We’ll see what I think back on my laptop! LOL!

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        • Fanwood. It is a beautiful sounding place. Probably a forest filled with fan palms and ferns.

          I was playing around today with the settings and I can get this font color on a white background so if it still seems hideously pink on your home computer let me know. (I’d hate for your to have to live with that.) My one complaint so far is that the blue “link” color is kind of hard to distinguish from the non-link color since it doesn’t underline links on rollover. But to change font colors I’d have to pay wordpress. It’s a little more obviously blue on the white background.


          • Ferns with serifs. It’s kinda pink at home… but if I think of it as a different tint of ecru it works. Like at work it’s dove-egg and on the lap-top it’s killdeer-egg, minus the spots.

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