So who will the first victim be? I mean really, Shelby’s tongue does not look edible. So only a fool would fall for that trick.

Michel runs toward the cowplant who is currently in "sim lure" mode - the end of his tongue is shaped like a cake.
Patience Shelby! He’s coming your way.
Instead of eating the cake, Michel offers the cowplant a hunk of meat which he will gladly take.
On the plus side, you got fed.

Darn. I guess a chef is probably the best one to be able to tell the difference between cake and tongue.

Michel eats a piece of real sim cake inside.
This is chocolate cake!

It’s okay Shelby. You’ll get to try sim someday.

Bane pets his cowplant who seems quite docile at the moment.
Whose my ferocious beasty? You are!

I wonder if Shelby’s bored, sitting out in the sun all day long with no friends. And the garden really needs some more work. Now that I’m level 7, I can tend it in my sleep. I think it’s time to upgrade again.

Ah that’s better. Kierra doesn’t really know any better does she. And in this light, the tongue looks positively cake-like.

A hungry Kierra grabs the tongue-cake.
Yes! Now, Shelby! Now!
Kierra is toss into the cowplant's open mouth.
The cowplant spits the sims out. Kierra is alive, but covered in green spit.
Aww, No!

Darn it. Looks like he has to work up to adult-sized sims. It’s okay Shelby, just keep practicing. It’s like learning to swallow pills.

On the home-front, Ivy seems to have found someone. Or at least this dude is always at our place. I have no idea what his name is, but he looks kind of stupid, right?

Ivy sits with a sim on the couch.
Ivy and whats-his name.

It’s not cool. I’m having a lot of trouble getting Alivia to come and visit me. She’s always…busy. Or so she claims whenever I call. It’s not like I’m going to feed her to Shelby. Probably.

Bane poses outside the front stoop.
King of my mansion and no one to share it with.

Ivy threw another party which is the only time I ever get to see Alivia, she always comes when invited. I was busy tending my garden when she arrived and found that Luthor was trying to nudge in on my action.

Luthor sits next to Alivia at the party. They seem to be chatting rather than anything romantic. I don't know why Bane is so worried.
Luthor. I’m warning you. Back off.

The party, Ivy claimed, was for Julienne.  And thus ends the era of childhood for my generation.

Julienne blows out his candles among a huge celebration. You guessed it, he picked up the evil trait.
Welcome to the evil clan, little coz. You’ll fit right in here.

Kierra was outside painting the next morning, I’d been telling her about some delicious cake I was going to have available later that morning and she’d agreed to try it. It was going to be perfect.

Kierra paints outside. She's been doing a bunch of family pictures.
Michel taught me this awesome cake recipe. It’s in the oven now, I’ll bring it the garden when it’s ready.
Bane tends his garden while watching for Shelby's cake-lure.
Come on Shelby. You can do it. You only ate yesterday. Show me the cake.
Kierra dies of old age. Maybe two or three hours before the cow plant was ready.
I’m sorry, Bane. I wanted to try…your…cake.

I ran inside as fast as I could to up my confidence and then tried my hardest to convince the reaper.

“Come on – she was going to eat the cake as soon as Shelby got hungry. And in her already weakened state, it was a sure fire death. Can’t you just spare her for the rest of the morning. You can have her right after.”

He was not amused that someone was trying to muscle in on his job.

The Grim denies Bane his pleadings. Shelby is in the background, cake-lure-less.

I carried her tombstone to the cemetary. She didn’t even get to finish her latest painting which was going to be of Shelby.

Bane, looking sad, although more over the loss of the Shelby painting and the death by Shelby he was working for, than by the loss of his Aunt.
It would have been a masterpiece for sure.

And thus ended the life of Shelby’s first victim.

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