8.3: Escaping the Madhouse Pt. 1

Ivy Pigglewiggle

  • Generation 8, second child of Harley & Darin Pigglewiggle
  • Glutton – Perfectionist – Evil – Gregarious – (Creatively Gifted & Physically Gifted)
  • Aspiration: Party Animal

Ivy Pigglewiggle, blue skinned, short curly black hair, brown eyes, and a bit of an attitude.

I need to get out of this house. It’s stifling. Everything is “Legacy this, legacy that.” “You need to stay because we don’t have party animal yet.” Well plum that. What about what I want to do?

First. I don’t want to continue sleeping, as a young adult, in my childhood bedroom with my siblings. Bane got an awesome room all to himself when he aged up, but Luthor and I are stuck the same beds we’ve slept in since childhood. In the same room. That’s just wrong. Who care’s if he’s the heir?

Ivy lounges on her childhood bed, walls are blue with grass patterns and a fake tree. Bun Bun the giant stuffed bunny sits nearby.
Honestly, I feel about 5 years old.

Secondly, there’s Shelly, or whatever Bane named his sim-eating plant. It’s not safe. It’s already eaten Luthor and Julienne…okay I admit that was pretty cool. Even better when one of the two monsters chomped on Bane! But it’s only a matter of time before I’m the next victim. All it takes is a moment’s inattention and “Bam!” Plant food.

The cowplant (udder filled with sim essence) spits Luthor out covered in green goop.
I can’t get enough of this. It’s pure drama!

Since, no one has forced me to take a job, I’ve bent my attention to figuring out how to escape this madhouse. If I leave it up to *Someone* – I’ll be here forever, that’s what happened to Mina. I don’t want that to happen to me. “Oooh look, Mina has achieved her quadrillionth  aspiration that we didn’t have before and is only one step away from reaching the top of her career.” Mina will be an old maid soon.

The easiest way to leave, if you’ve got a semi-useful aspiration like me, is to convince everyone that you have found true love and can’t bear not to have hundreds of babies immediately. *She’s* a sucker for babies. So I’ve been looking at my options.

06-24-15_12-20 AM

There’s Brendon. I’m not sure where I first met him, I think outside our house since he’s a mailman. I’ve been inviting him to all my parties and we’re fairly good friends. There’s even a spark there, just a hint but enough. So I invited him over and we went on a date at the museum, because well, it’s best if I look like I’m trying to achieve my aspiration.

He’s nice enough…

06-29-15_10-56 PM-2

He’s cheerful, sot that puts me in a good mood. But he just can’t take a good poke. (And he’s a goofball – I thought they were all used to bearing the brunt of every joke.) He is cute when he’s angry.

06-29-15_10-58 PMBut those tiny, tiny eyes?! How could I inflict those on my children? During our date he also pretty much told me straight up there will be no children, he hates them. *She* will never believe I fell for him. Or at least she won’t condone our relationship if there are no kids.

So onto mailman number two. Corbin is an ‘adult’ gentleman with questionable taste in clothing. Our date was at the bar. (Again going for those aspiration points. And I need 5 social events in 5 different locations.)

Arriving at their date destination, Corbin now wears a yellow sparkily jacket (fairly suspect) with jeans and (worst of all) GIANT red glasses.
This is his idea of “date wear.” Need I say more?

Our date started poorly, I’m afraid. I think he felt kind of awkward with me being so much younger than him. Plus, those glasses? He’s neat, which is a plus. Nothing will be out of place in our home. But then he’s a “bro” and a snob. The snob I can handle, the bro? This cannot be the perfect guy for me.

Ivy and Corbin at the bar. Ivy looks down on Corbin who is rocking out in his own little world of gold and GIANT red glasses.
Just look at how he dances!

I fear I will run out of young adult and adult men before I find someone who’ll help me escape. Here’s option number three. Stewart. A glutton like me, which I thought was a good start. And I can tell he cares a great deal about me, but…

06-30-15_12-10 AM-3

Overall, I was not impressed with him. Right off the bat I was getting bad vibes. Like evil vs good vibes. I didn’t bother waiting around to find out if I was right. 06-30-15_12-11 AMI didn’t waste my time with a date. Instead I played video games all day, hoping he’d leave or get eaten by a cowplant. Sadly, he left.

There’s a few more guys in my “friends” list. But they’re worse choices than the above three. There’s Bronson. One of Mina’s childhood friends. Boooring. He looks like an idiot.

A small picture from the game's relationship panel of Bronson. Bowl cut brown hair, blue sweater and a red button up. Can we say "preppy?"

And Kieran. Or maybe he was Mina’s friend? I can barely tell the two guys apart. He’s a detective at least which is a cool occupation. But he’s afraid of bugs and stuff. How manly is that? Plus pink shirt? I bet he’s gay.

Another relationship panel photo. Kiernana wears a pink button up and probably the exact same hair as Bronson. Boring.

Last unrelated guy in my relationships panel is Gregory. Gregory’s still a teen. So no. Not going there.

Gregory has potential, in a weak bad-ass kind of way. Spiked hair and blank tank. But he looks illegal. Far too young for Ivy.

And that’s it. That’s all the guys I know. I’m doomed to stay here aren’t I?

Ivy on a date in the park kissing a mysterious man. (We can't see his face.) he has a gray sweater. That's all we know.

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  1. Oh Ivy! That attitude and sharp mind’s going to get her places! I love straight-talking people…well in her case, ‘straight-minded’? xD

    That last picture has gotten me super curious! =O

    Liked by 3 people

  2. She IS awesome! And doesn’t she look great in green? Wow, that shot of her on her childhood bed! You know, my single spares still sleep in their childhood beds–they don’t even have a proper room–just sort of a corner! LOL

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Oops! I hit the posty thing when I meant to hit the Enter key…

    Continuing on…. Mailmen! Yay! Too bad they didn’t work out.

    And… game aware evil Sims… So. Much. Trouble!

    I seriously love all your Sims, especially when I hear their voices!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Lol. Yeah. Ivy’s a very skinny thing. When Bane aged up I made his a pretty nice room down in the basement with its own bathroom. And just left the three spares one. They’ve taken to trying to sleep in their mother’s bed out of defiance.
      I figure all my sims are semi game aware, but for the most part they don’t care. Now blog-aware that’s different. But it definitely feels like Ivy doesn’t think very highly of me.

      Liked by 3 people

  4. She sounds like she’s trying to escape a cult– you’ve got to at least pretend you’re working on your aspiration… she’s a hoot; at the same time I feel for her. It’s true, I can understand her feeling like a 5 year-old, still sharing a room and having her same bed.

    Liked by 1 person

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