Sidelines 23: Spa Day

Serenity Sauna is made by annethebabydoll and is available on the Sims 4 gallery! She is also writing some interesting Simlit on her blog. Go check out the drama. I’m rooting for Sunny.

Nova speaks. Nebula and Nova converse on the couch. Both are wearing their work uniforms. Nova is a detective. Nebula, a surgeon.
Uhg, Nebula what a week. I’m beat. I’m so glad it’s Friday.
Nebula speaks now.
And Everyone is gone for the weekend. Cocoa is gone on business and Penelope’s at camp. It’s just the two of us.
Nova wonders if Nebula still works weekends.
We should go somewhere tomorrow, unless you’re working?
Yup, still on the couch, chatting. This time Nebula speaks.
Nope, I have Saturdays off now. How about the new Spa that opened up, Serenity Sauna?
Nova is now joyous.
Oh that’s perfect! Let’s go there.
Nova descends the stairs to her bedroom.
I can’t wait for tomorrow. It’s been a long week.
Nova peers from beneath the covers. I love her room. It's got that green interior modern look I love so much.
Hmmmm. What’s that I smell? Eggs?
Nebula sings as she cooks.
Sings :And a little dash of salt!:
Nova and Nebula enjoy a lovely breakfast made by Nebular of eggs and toast and bacon.
Nebula, you’re the best.
Nebula speaks. The two are eating on the couch. Listening to music.
I thought it would be a good way to start the day.
Nova enters the building. Double doors swing open automatically. Inside it is cream and tan and peaceful.
So this is it. Serenity Sauna.
Nova asked. The two have changed into white robes.
Ready to go?
Nova greets a bald and bearded masseuse.
Hi, can I get a stone massage?
Nebula lays down on the massage table.
Deep tissue massage please.
Face down, Nebula gets her massage. Her masseuse is also bald, but not bearded.
Digging into the shoulder tissue, Nebula clearly feels that one.
Oooph! But that feels good.
Nova has three stones on her spine and her masseuse is rubbing her with two more warm stones.
Nebula asked. Her massage over. She is drinking some juice and standing near Nova.
Nova, are you sleeping?
Nova gets up from the table. I bet she was sleeping.
Um, no?
Nova asks. The two are sitting together outside the massage parlor.
Oh – that felt great. What next?
Nebula seems more excited that Nova about that prospect.
Want to try some yoga?
Nebula in her spiffy red t-shirt and black shorts stands with her hands at hear center, palms pressed together.
Prayer pose.
Nova, attempts to match Nebula's pose. She seems a bit uncertain. She is wearing a green sweatsuit.
Prayer pose?

Nova and Nebula both do yoga. Nova is attempting a triangle pose. Nebula is um...getting up from sitting?

Nova attemps the tree pose. Eyes closed standing on one leg, the other leg pulled up. Hands at heart center.

Nova tilts to the left. Eyes are open, she looks worried.

Nova tilts to the right. Yup. She's worried.

Quickly she exits the pose. Yay! She didn't fall over.
Didn’t fall!

More yoga. Nova is about to attempt one of the warrior poses, I forget which. Nebula is more advanced and balancing on one hand, feet together on the ground, arm in the air. Both poses don't look quite right.

Nebula attempts an upward bow. She lyes on her back. Feet hip distance apart, hands by her head ready to do a backbend.

She lifts up!'s kind of correct. Akward, but she is resting on her head. Her back arched.

As Nebula does her upward bow, Nova in the background is balancing on one leg again. The sky is very blue and pretty up here on the roof.

Corpse pose. Nova loves this pose. She can feel the tension and worry leaving.
Ahhhhhh. The tension is leaving.
Corpse pose. Nebula enjoyed this as well. She feels the energy filling her body.
Ahhhhhh. Energy is filling me up.

After a hard day of yoga, Nova gets a foot massage. (I envy her).

Nova gets a new "athletic" outfit. Still her signature green and pink. Green pants, and a pink short sleeved sweater.
New look! They sell cute clothes here.
Nebula wears her new outfit, reddish pants and a black tank. She's a lot more fit than her sister.
I bought a new outfit too!
Where were you?
Nebula runs on a treadmill downstairs.
Jogging! There are treadmills in the basement.
Nova and Nebula in their robes approach a green door.
Only one thing left to do.
Nebula chats with the guy sitting across from them. Nova relaxes. Eyes shut.
The sauna.

Nebula flirts with the guy sitting across from them.

Enjoying the sauna. Wooden walls, steam. Looks warm. Like a steamy summer day. Like today was.

The girls look kind of hot in there.

Nebula (energized walk) chats with Nova as they return downstairs to the locker. The sun *is* low  in the blue sky.
That felt great, Nova! I can’t believe it’s already 6pm!
Nova enthuses.  The two are back in their normal clothes.
You had a great idea Nebula. We should come back soon.
Nova leaves the spa. She is smiling contentedly.
A perfect day.


  1. Spa Day is so awesome! They made a really nice day of it, too! I love the yoga interactions so much, and the New Age music. It is very relaxing. I’ve been playing my simself, and a new sim a bit while waiting for no more culling to be updated, but I didn’t take any screenshots yet.

    Liked by 1 person

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