8.6: Escaping the Madhouse Pt. 4

Julienne Pigglewiggle

  • Generation 8, child of Michelangelo Pigglewiggle
  • Insane – Evil – Clumsy – Gregarious – (Socially Gifted)
  • Aspiration: Joke Star

There are sims you don’t pay attention to. Always smiling. Sims with secrets.

Julienne is a purple 1/2 alien. Child of Michelangelo. Here he is grinning (with his eyes shut). He often grins.I was born in burst of cosmic light.

Iconic picture of Michel's abduction. He's wearing his black chef's uniform and looking up surprised as light surrounds him. It's one of my favorite images.

Welcome. But unwelcome.

Michel is looking a bit concerned about his blue glowing belly.

A brother from another generation.

Mina (same parent, different father) holds baby Julienne. They're both purple.

Belonging. But apart. Background radiation.

Michel and Julienne walk through the house side by side.

Michel is smiling, Julienne standing behind him, looks a bit concerned. This was taken moments after the previous image and feels to me like they were in sync and now they're out of sync.

One of many. All alone.

Gen 8 returns home from school. Bane, Ivy, and Luthor are all teenagers. Julienne is still a child.

I reflected those around me.


Julienne tells himself a story. Arms akimbo.

Michel tells himself a story, arms thrown wide, eyes crazed.


Julienne laughs maniacally while siting at the kitchen table.

Mina laughs maniacally while sitting at the piano.

Ivy laughs maniacally while sitting at the kitchen table.

And barefoot.

Julienne sleeps on a couch outside. He wears his spacesuit. However you can't tell but all his outfits don't include shoes.

Mina naps on the bench in the graveyard. She is barefoot as well. Half of Mina's outfits don't include shoes.I absorbed from those around me.


Michel helps Julienne with his homework in the kitchen. Michel is wearing heart boxers.

Mina is teaching Julienne to play the piano.

And love.

Michel gives Julienne a big hug. See, he wasn't unloved.

Ivy kissing her then mysterious and now revealed future husband Corbin.

Bane feeds Shelby. See these are all images of love.

Like a sponge. I watched. I learned.

Julienne dances in the living room. A smile on his face, eyes closed. I love this picture of him.

I took. Julienne hands a woman a rose.

I left. I lived.

Julienne, no longer in the Pigglewiggle Mansion, proposes to the woman who took the rose.

Julienne feels his new baby kid kick.

Julienne looks rather panicked. Is this part of his insane trait?

Nope. Preparental panic. His future wife is having a baby - who was born in a shower of sparks. Purple child.

Julienne calls his dad on the phone to tell him the good news.

Julliene snuggles his infant. Like father, like son.

Breakfast time. Julienne is joined by a red-headed, purple skinned child. His name is Spork.I am one cosmic being. Here. Not there.

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Legacy Update: Shelby’s Secret


  1. Very nice narrative! Those staccato sentences are so effective for an alien. He’s so lovable as well in his own way, and so perceptive, being able to see love in relation to the cowplants! I guess being the youngest in a huge legacy does that to you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this! This is one perfect chapter! So rich and so much story in it with just a few words and such telling pictures! This might be maybe my favorite legacy chapter I’ve read–ever!

    Liked by 2 people

    • Aw…. I really enjoyed making it. I have so many pictures of this generation that are only now making it in. I always end up with better understanding of the sim after these chapters and Julienne surprised me after I figured out why he was evil even though his parents aren’t.

      This chapter has less than 100 words, I made sure to keep only the best words. Unlike other aliens, Julienne isn’t a thinks or a talker. He just smiles and absorbs. I adore him.

      Liked by 2 people

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