Second Stone Tree Found!

Stone room with a small alter (a tree behind it). Large doorway to the left, leading down to the main sanctuary.
Entrance of Stone Temple

Stone temple priests confirmed today that recent construction has uncovered a second stone tree. The West Branch informed reporters today that the miners uncovered leaves during last Friday’s work to enlarge the main sanctuary. Construction work on that corner of the sanctuary has stopped and the stone priests are working to removed the stone and gravel by hand so as not to damage the tree.

A corner of the sanctuary with exposed stone and a small tree encased in stone.
Excavating the second Stone Tree.

The tree has been confirmed as a fig tree. Although the Trunk has not yet spoken on the subject, the Branches seemed quite clear that this indicated that all fruit bearing trees should be considered holy, and not just the banana trees. “It is as we have always said, it is the potential to bear fruit, not the particular fruit itself, that makes holiness .”

No comment yet from the banana cult’s High Peel.

We are assured that the the temple will remain open during construction and services will continue to be held at 9am and 4pm daily. Work to uncover the second Tree will commence between services.

The main sanctuary. A banana tree sits in the center of the room with marble floors. And gold and marble pillars. Seats for worshipers.
Stone Tree sanctuary.


  1. Ohmigosh! This is so awesome! See? I LOVE minecraft posts! They’re epic! Our fig in our garden is bearing fruit at the moment, and when I read this I heard a little “Hear, hear, hurrah!” coming from that corner of the garden!

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    • I had a lot of fun yesterday turning the temple into a proper temple. I’ve decided my minecraft denizens worship “harvesting” and finding these trees entirely encased in stone and gravel is A) weird and B) awesome for them. The world is randomly generated, but I must be a bit of distance from the center of the world since that’s where stranger things occur.

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      • It’s super weird and super awesome and rather mysterious and miraculous! How neat to find amazing treasures in the world, and it seems so right that the denizens would worship all fruit (not just bananas!).


        • So far all I’ve build in this world are massive farms (lots of veggie harvesting) and a huge mine (lots of stone harvesting). When I found the first tree (I was planning to build a library) it was too amazing to destroy. The other day when I was making the temple a little bigger and more proper – I found this second one. Pretty sure the banana cult has just been thrown into chaos with this discovery. The priests on the other hand already knew all the fruit bearing trees should be sacred.

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