Derelict 6: Waiting for Nothing

Amelia in her pajamas looking anxious. Her hands are clenched.“How do people fill an entire day?” Amelia wondered. She knew she was stuck in a holding pattern, waiting for something. Every day was the same. There was gardening, painting, and cooking. Sometimes in different orders, sometime she ate before gardening.

Amelia gardens in her pajamas, she is covered in dirt and weeding.

The painting will be of pigs and apples falling from a tree. Amelia has just begun to paint.

Vegetables from the garden on the counter. A carrot, spinach leave, strawberry, parsley, mushroom, and basil. She uses these to cook.

She’d even started doing some yoga poses that she remembered Electra and her mother doing.

Amelia with hands at heart center, looking rather serious.

It was a struggle to remember the poses even though she’d used to watch her mom and Electra practicing in the morning. The two had always looked so serene when they practiced, not all wobbly like she did.

Not sure what this pose is. She looks like shes stretching her leg out as it rests against the wall.

Sometimes everyone would join in for a routine with Electra leading the class.

The workout room on the Tighar. Yoga mats everywhere. Gracie (Amelia's mom) and Electra's triangle pose look quite professional, the rest look a little awkward, especially Al. Amelia is not doing yoga.

Electra had told her that yoga helped everyone focus on the present, the difficult poses brought you into your body and helped clear your mind.

Amelia watches Electra do a triangle pose.

Amelia did not find the practice mind clearing. She’d no sooner adopt a pose than her mind would hurtle her backwards in time.

Back in the present, Amelia does another yoga pose. Her legs out in front lifted off the ground.

In the past, her mother does the same post. Here's where we flip to a flashback.

Her mother had taught her how to play chess and how to use the diagnostic machine downstairs. She used it sometimes to check her health. She hadn’t been sick yet, at least not that the machine could tell. She wondered if that was what had happened. Had the machines not been able to tell when people were sick? Then people wouldn’t know there was a problem until it was too late.

“Mom, are you really going?”

Amelia looks concerned as she speaks to her mother in the medical bay. Her mother wears a lab coat.

“Yes, people are sick down there and they need a doctor to help figure out what’s wrong.”

Gracie tries to reassure her daughter that everyone will be okay. Amelia does not look convinced.

“What if you get sick? Al got sick.”

Yup. Not convinced. Amelia protests her mother's assurances.

“We didn’t know anything was wrong when Al took off his suit. And he’s not very sick. He’ll be better in no time. Plus we’ll be following standard decontamination processes. You know what that means, right?”

“It means no taking off your suit while you’re in an infected area. And decom before and after.” Amelia recited, but it didn’t make her feel better.

“It means I won’t get sick,” her mother assured her.

“I want to come too. I can help you.”

Gracie hugs her daughter goodbye. There is a hint of worry in her mother's eyes that we can see, but Amelia can't.

“Aw, honey. You’re going to help your father and Mr. Winters run the ship. They’ll need someone to help watch the relays. And we can talk on the com whenever we need to.”

Corpse pose. Amelia lies on the floor at the end of her routine.
Amelia opened her eyes blinking away tears. No yoga did not help her stay in the ‘now.’ She packed up the mat.

There had to be something she could do that wasn’t just waiting around. But waiting for what? Nothing. She was just waiting. It was worse than useless and she was tired of it.

Amelia looks up at us, the camera, looking kind of sad and worried.

Chapter 7: Air, Water, and Electricity >


  1. This is so poetic–I adore the way that the screenshots line up with each other, the sequencing of them. The interplay between what we see in the screenshot and the words is beautiful–again, there’s that gap.

    Liked by 3 people

    • One of these days I’m going to figure out how to write “the gap” story – it’ll be epic I’m sure. Until then I’ll flit about the edges. I try have my images enhance the story most of the time but sometimes they take center stage and the words are left behind.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think you HAVE figured out how to write the gap–it’s having that tension, those two elements that go together but don’t exactly match up, so then the reader fills the gap, and that’s when the magic takes place!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Really nicely done! I’ve enjoyed how you seamlessly blend the present with the past. You have a gift for writing it shines through.
    I’m really falling in love with your passion for Amelia and the other characters. Your devotion to the story and the struggle flows through in your words. Beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh thanks, I’ve been enjoying this type of writing way more than I excepted. I’m glad it’s just as enjoyable to read. Figuring out how much of the past to expose at once is a challenge, but in a way it’s what’s driving the story, otherwise it would just be Amelia skilling. Although as boring as that may be, I’ve really come to enjoy her. I’m hoping I can figure out how to get her out of there when the time comes.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Even though most of the extra stuff that has come out for TS4 hasn’t really clicked with me (not that it matters seeing how the entire game doesn’t really appeal to me that much yet at least), but the spa pack looks awesome. Finally there’s the option to put saunas in the Sims (even though the Sims wear towels in them and that’s just unhygienic and gross)!

        Liked by 1 person

        • I would say the spa day is one of their best packs to date. And I may have installed a mod that lets them be nude in the saunas now. 🙂 Although none of my games have sims rich enough to buy one yet…I should add one to the gyms though, maybe make a hot spring…

          Liked by 1 person

          • Wow, it’s weird to think one would have to be rich to have a sauna. Here almost everyone has them. 🙂 And yay for that mod! Nude mods don’t normally interest me (unless I’d need one for an angsty shower scene or something) but I approve of a nude sauna mod any day because that’s how it’s supposed to be done!

            Liked by 1 person

            • I mainly just want to take the censors off because they distract me. So none of my games have them…it makes for some interesting shots by accident. Although the nude sauna mod I think would keep them nude but censored if I didn’t have no censor. I don’t want bits on my sims, but the large pixel boxes were distracting.

              I bet they don’t have to be rich-rich, but in my mind saunas are luxury items so I tend not to think of them….perhaps I should fix that mindset and give my poor sims saunas, they’d love them I’m sure!

              Liked by 1 person

  3. The blend between ‘now’ and flashback was artfully done!!

    I really like the bits that allude to why everyone is gone! Al getting sick but ‘he’s not too bad!’ Etc. love this!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah – I wanted to allude to what happened slowly as the second story going on here. Amelia was too young to fully figure out what happened right away, but she’s old enough now that she does know although it’s never been confirmed. So slowly, slowly, bit by bit we reveal how she got in this situation. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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