Mina Pigglewiggle
Generation 7, Child of Darin Pigglewiggle
Creative – Evil – Ambitious – Collector – (Creatively and Socially Gifted)
Aspirations: Curator, Master Mixologist, Mansion Baron, Musical Genius

06-06-15_12-20 AM

You might be wondering why I’m still around. Why I stayed until all the “kids” left. Wasn’t like they needed me. Most of them couldn’t care less about anyone but themselves. I get that. You look out for number one, because unless you’re the heir, *she* doesn’t care about you beyond your points.

Mina's transformation from infant to child where she gained our exemplar trait. Sparkles all around.
Pigglewigggle exemplar trait: Creative

I was the heir once. For a weekend. Right gender, right trait, wrong father. If it wasn’t for that stupid “no adoption” clause, this legacy would have been mine.

Mina doesn't look happy to have learned her creative trait doesn't make her the heir.
Bloodline law: Strict Traditional

But that’s not why I stayed. Legacy living is so limiting. It’s all rules and points and babies. There’s a lot more to being a sim that that. But I kept myself useful by filling aspiration

Mina gathers frogs for her curator aspiration. The first aspiration.
Curator Aspiration

after aspiration,

Mina juggles bottles at the bar.
Master Mixologist

after aspiration,

Mina tutors Julienne on the piano.
Musical Genius

topping my career,

Mina runs home from work late at night, top of her career.
Mixologist Career

and maxing skills.

A child Mina plays the piano.
Mina plays the guitar, she maxed several other skills too.

Giving my points up for the family. I mean, the other option was to leave the house and be consigned to an empty house. Without story progression, what could I do on my own? So I stayed, but I also kept my eyes open. This whole legacy business is wrapping up. Best to get out while you can. If you die on this lot, that’s it. No more you. But my grandaunt and granduncle are still alive, still young, while dad’s been dead so long his ghost has purged.

Raerei sits at the bar holding a pink drink with a cucumber in a martini glass.
My signature drink, the Mina Special

You can learn a lot pouring drinks for sappy sims. Often they’re too embroidered in their own conversations to pay any attention to who’s pouring the drinks. Especially after a Mina Special or two.

Or else they’re so desperate to hear their own voices they’ll tell you anything.

JordanNicoleJJ plots at the bar. She sits between Cocoa and Meadow.
JN: I don’t think any of my Sims have a high enough logic to use the portal correctly, but I got some cool pics of it *trying* to work.

There’s big changes in *her* world. Crossovers, multiple storylines, plots, and plans.  *She* believes in that one-sim one-story plum. But I know what’s real. There could be thousands of me all over. I could live a hundred lives. Start a legacy, run an amazon challenge, a room challege, an off-the grid challenge. I could star in a horror story, or be an extra in a crowded space station. I can be a hero or a villain or a nobody. There’s no reason to limit myself to a single life.

CT and Joel chat behind the bar as Ninjapig walks by. Raerei, Cocoa, JordanNicoleJJ, and Meadow sit at the bar.
CT: I love this! We’ll definitely use it–it will fit in very well with the story.

*She’s* not watching me now, I’ve done all *she* wanted me to. Time to slip away, before I’m old and gray like Harley and Michel. I’ll be in the gallery, at the crossroads, waiting for my turn to shine.

Mina on an empty lot. The possibilities are endless

Mina Pigglewiggle is free from her legacy and ready for adventure. She’s in the gallery #legacyescape – Download her and give her a new life.

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