Shelby Pigglewiggle
Generation 8, ‘Child’ of Bane Pigglewiggle
Black – White – Hungry
Aspirations: Eat all the sims

Every morning starts the same way. With hope.

Shelby in the morning, cake lure at the ready. Behind the cow plant, the household begins to stir.
Try this cake, it’s udderly nutritious and very real.
Michel approaches the cow plant and stares down the eyeless thing.
Ah! My arch-nemesis. The one sim I have never eaten. Take the cake!
Shelby fails to eat Michel as Michel produces a wrapped meat package to eat instead.
Ooooh, pork tenderloin.

The day progresses. Shelby spends the time sunning and chatting with the daisies. Usually there are one or two spaceship launches.

A ship launches from the ground next to Shelby.
Was that a little closer than normal? One of these days that blue one will singe my leaves with that thing.

Today Julienne and his wife came for a visit.

Sheby watches Julienne enter the graveyard.
I shall let this one pass.

Shelby knows that Julienne is an alien and doesn’t taste very good. The other cow plant, Lola, told him.

Lola, another cow plant, spits Julienne out. Julienne is on the ground covered in green slime.
Ew. Alien sims. Yuck.

Often some of the household will come out to the garden. The red one, named Harley, will often play games. Snapdragon is Shelby’s favorite game.

Harley and Shelby. Harley has her hands spread wide, Shelby is reared back nodding excitedly, leaf tail wagging.
“Who wants to play snapdragon?! Does Shelby want to play?”
Harley makes snapping shape with her hands, Shelby looks udderly delighted.
Harley pets Shelby after their rousing game.
“Aw, who’s the cutest cow plant?”

Bane works days now, so others have to pitch in to help with the gardening.

Shelby watches Michel gardening nearby. I wound't want the cow plant eyeing me so hungrily.
Just a little closer….

Although Bane is sure to visit Shelby everyday when he gets off work just in time for the evening snack.

Bane offers Shelby some paper wrapped meat which Shelby is eager to take. Bane looks exhausted from work (orange plumbob) and the garden is filled with weeks.
At last you return!

Once everyone goes to sleep. Shelby and Lola have a dance party.

Shelby dances (animated gif of a cow plant at night, rocking out).
Mooving to the music.

Late at night, tired from dancing. Shelby prepares for the next day. Filled with hope.

Shelby's cake tongue makes a late night appearance. These cow plants are hungry buggers.
Today will be the day!

Shelby will try anything once, as long as it’s sim-shaped. And in the early morning, it can be just has hard to tell sim from ghost as it is for sims to tell tongue from cake.

Shelby spits out a ghost. I almost missed this. I didn't know cow plants could even eat ghosts? Could a sim die a second time?
Yuck. Ecotoplams doesn’t taste any better than alien.

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