8.12: Meeting Connie

I forget when we first met. But she was visiting Granite Falls when we were there. I think I remember chatting with her. But I was wasn’t noticing much I admit. But when we got back she called.

07-25-15_12-41 AM-2

Asked how were were doing.

07-25-15_12-21 AM

As best as can be expected was all I could answer. She was very supportive.
07-25-15_12-24 AM

Good at listening.

07-25-15_12-24 AM-2

It seemed wrong, but Mom was right. Sometime a little patience is all you need.

07-25-15_1-09 AM-2

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  1. Yes, and she’s beautiful! And even if it’s a fling, she can just move in, have the babies, keep having them until you get a girl, and then move out! No need for marriage! We just need nooboos!

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