8.13: Checking in with the Pigglewiggles

Hi, Bane. How’s it going? You look pretty happy.
Bane (in his PJs) is sitting at his computer desk with a huge smile on his face. Behind him is the double bed with someone sleeping on it, you can see the zzzzs. I must say these two have firework woohoo all the time.

No thanks to *you*! I had to find her all by myself, all *you* did was get in the way and have me hang out with people I didn’t like.

Sorry! Sorry! It was hard to tell with you, but you can Connie seem to be enjoying yourself.

In the hot tub, Connie whispers to Bane. He seems agreeable to whatever she's suggesting...you know what she is suggesting, right?

This may be the happiest I've seen Bane. He's smiling up at his girl as they engage in hot tub antics.

Post hot tub woohoo, Bane is smiling all flirty-like at Connie. It's obvious his eyes are not on her pretty face.

She is quite fine.

And you are quite shallow. Any plans on throwing a whim to try for baby? You are a family sim, you know.

Bane back at his computer in yellow pjs, looks away. He's not answering my question, that's for sure.

No comment.

Okay, moving on. Luthor! What have you got there?

Luthor sits at the kitchen table, vanilla cupcake in hand. There's a plate of them in front of him. In all fairness, I'll tell you that the kitchen floor right now is stone, the walls two shades of orange and the chairs are now dark blue and yellow instead of teal.

A vanilla cupcake. I don’t know where it came from though. Is it safe to eat?

Probably safe to eat, but didn’t you just get a job as an athlete? Perhaps cupcakes aren’t the best food option around especially with your brand new Bodybuilder aspiration.

That’s okay, I’ll just jog it off later.

Late at night Connie and Luthor (in a hideous orange track suit that is complementary to his blue skin), are jogging home.

Didn’t Connie get a job as an athlete too?

Uh, yeah, why?

No-nothing. I’m just not sure you should be hanging out with your brother’s girlfriend so much.

This worries me. Luthor is staring at Connie, all lovey dovey like. They haven't flirted or anything. But I'm worried. (Again the we're in the kitchen. This is the original kitchen, green and tan walls, stone floors, teal chairs).You worry too much.

Probably. Oh, hey Michel. Um, you okay? Am I interrupting?

Michel morns at Harley's urn. We've not seen her as a ghost yet and this is the only time I've found one of them mourning her. I guess their friendship wasn't very high. The urn is surrounded by two pictures of Harley that Sonja and Keirra painted.Hmm? Oh yes, just remembering times past. But I’m good. I’ve taken up meditation you know. We turned Bane’s old bedroom into a zen retreat.

The basement has been transformed into a zen retreat, complete with candles, meditation stool (where Michel is currently sitting) and yoga mat.

It’s quite nice. Any luck with those 20 friends? I’d really like to have that aspiration over and done with.

I made a couple new friends at the revamped gym. I think I have 11 now?

Outside at the revamped Willow Creek gym, there is a yoga class. Michel looks rather stiff.

Try 8. Sigh. What about the family? You friends with any of them again?

They’re mostly evil and mean. So no. But I have a plan.

Michel hold a bacon cupcake. There are now two plates of vanilla, one red velvet plate, and now a plate of maple bacon cupcakes. (The kitchen is the orange walled one again)

Oh – you’re the one making all the cupcakes!? Are you sure that will win them over?

I’m not making cupcakes. These were just on the table.

Then who is?

Later that day

Where do you think the cupcakes are coming from, Bane?

Connie leans in curiously as Bane holds a vanilla cupcakes. She's got a mocha chip in front of her, and the bacon plate is next to the mocha chip plate. (The kitchen is still orange)

I think it’s Michel. I mean he’s our resident chef. But, we should ask him to stop. How many types of cupcakes are there anyway?

Hey Michel! Thanks for not making anymore cupcakes! I was getting really sick of them. This is much healthier.

Connie, all smiles, with a plate of bass, chats with Michel who has four plates of cupcakes in front of him. A pink one, red velvet, cocoa, and carmel? I forget. The kitchen now has black and white tile floor and orange brick walls. This is why I was keeping you informed of the kichen decor. Normally it's not important but we changed in the middle of the game to a new look after just having changed.

Er, hate to break it to you, but I’m not making cupcakes.

Oh. Darn. Well, this bass is good.

Connie, on an unrelated note, do you know why the walls to this kitchen changing in every screenshot? And now the floor all weird too.

*She* didn’t like Bane’s initial house makeover, plus *she’s* trying to get the house value up and that means expensive floors.

The next morning

Oh wow! More cupcakes!? Theses are better than french toast any day.

Bane sits down to his exciting mean of Carmel? cupcakes. He looks so happy. (New kitchen BTW, from here on out). The table has five plates of different cupcakes on it.

That was sarcasm, wasn’t it?


Urp. Um…maybe another one of the cocoa one?

Luthor, looking kind of sick to his stomach, reaches for a cocoa cupcake. We can see the whole table (there are six plates of cupcakes all different flavors).

You know this cupcake thing is getting out of hand. That’s all we ever eat and Michel claims he’s not making them. They’re just appearing.

At the far end of the table (near the mocha chip cupcakes) sit Bane (looking uncomfortable with a carrot cake cupcake), Luthor has a vanilla cupcake, and Connie cheated. She has a bowl of stew in front of her. Don't worry the grey wall is an accent wall to match the brick, it doesn't mean I've changed the kitchen again.How are we supposed to eat all of these, Bane? You know I’ve got to watch my figure now.

Guys, you know don’t have to eat them. Michel still makes delicious food that isn’t baked good.

But they’re all over the table! What happens when the table gets filled. Maybe….

Bane, holding a cupcake looks at Lola and Shelby, our two cowplants.

Lola, Shelby, you like cupcakes?

Check out the Animal Hat Summer Camp post: Sweet Cupcakes to learn where theses cupcakes are coming from and why.

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  1. My sims haven’t made many kinds at all yet, so far no one has really ventured into baking or using the cupcake machine. I am curious about the logistics of how they are getting into your game from summer camp!

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s the story! You’ve got to read the Sweet Cupcakes story by Joel, and then you’ll see how Chiyo forgot to turn off the cupcake machine and there was cupcake armageddon over all the hard drives everywhere!

      I smile every time I see Bane in topless or in a tight-fitting shirt, for it reminds me of Palo Verde! That body shape can stick around for generations! Plus, I think it wedges into the girls’ genetic memory, for now all the Bough girls seem to fall for the guys with that body shape. They don’t like shoulders! LOL!

      Liked by 2 people

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