Sidelines 24: Emails

I was happy to be home, work had been quite the challenge. First A9 broke in a shower of sparks. It took half the day to find the new parts and install them.

05-02-15_11-49 PM-2

Half a day of wasted work. I wanted to get the momentum translator modified. But that would have to wait. After dinner though, with the women still buzzing excitedly over the new spa, I snuck upstairs to work on my paper. The due date to submit it to the SSJ was fast approaching. However when I logged on, I noticed a little (1) on my email app.

08-05-15_10-46 PM

When I saw who it was from, I knew I would have to read it right away.

Dear Father,

Camp is great. I have made lots of friends and most of them don’t think it is weird that I am an alien. Some of the town kids did, but not the camp-goers. They are all legacy kids or kids of legacy kids like me. And one of them is an alien just like me. Well, not just like, she’s bluer and has 1000 mommies. Her name is onezero. I call her p2 because we are just like two peas in a pod. (I am P1, you know).

We told lots of stories, played lots of games like hide and seek, and ate lots of cupcakes. Have you ever eaten a cupcake? They are happiness incarnate. We…might have broke the machine but Counselor Cathy and Counselor Joel fixed it up.

Are you coming to pick me up? If so, Counselor Cathy said she would love to meet you this time. Did you finished with your work? Was it hard? Did you get to make any cool new inventions?

I have an important question. Can onezero come with us? She is going to stay with Counselor Cathy after summer camp because she split and doesn’t know how to go back to being one person. Plus her mommies said it was okay. And Counselor Cathy said it was okay if she wanted to stay with us until summer was over. If it’s okay with you.

Please? She is my best friend in the whole world. We will not be any trouble, promise.

Can’t wait to see you again. I miss you.


Penelope C. Pigglewiggle


08-05-15_10-47 PM-2

I smiled. I could hear her speaking as I read the email. Her ethereal piping voice. And pea pods! That was so very Penelope. I remembered we’d planted a couple plants in the garden out back so she could do her own genetic experiments, just like Gregor Mendel.

06-16-15_10-47 PM

They’d grown a lot while she was gone and I was excited to see what she would discover. I’d even istalled an anaylizer upstiars to help her out. Okay, it was also to help with my own research, but I found that whenever I was tense or stressed about my own work. I could find Penelope and listen to her latest discoveries. Her joy was infectious. Although she hadn’t been gone all that long, I missed her terribly. I was glad she’d be coming home soon, and with a friend! I wrote her back quickly.

Hey silver bug, it’s so good to hear from you. Sounds like camp has been a lot of fun. CathyTea, your counselor, has been updating the camp’s Simbook page to let us parents know what you all are up to, but it’s good to hear from you in person. Pictures only show so much.

Of course your friend can come and stay. I think we have a spare air mattress or you two can camp in the backyard. I’ll be there when camp is over to pick you both up. We can go to the park for a picnic or perhaps to the new spa your aunts went to. There should be plenty of fun things for the two of you to do here until Summer is over. We might even convince Nova to buy a cupcake machine!

Your plants are doing well, I’ve been watering them and they’ve grown a bunch. They’re almost ready to be harvested. Your Aunt Nebula has taken up yoga after visiting the new spa here in town! It’s funny to watch her practice, although she is getting better. Nova and Nebula both send their love. Oh! I have a surprise present for you when you return. I bet onezero will like it too.

Miss you! Lots of Zen Hugs!

Love, Dad

I smiled thinking about the surprise upstairs. There were still a few adjustments and calibrations to run. Hopefully A9 would be back up to its usual efficient self, but so far all the tests had shown my momentum translator was going to work just fine.

07-08-15_12-05 AM

07-08-15_12-05 AM-3



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