Connie confronts Shelby outside. The two stare at each other. This image shows Shelby as seen by Connie.
Shelby: Cowplant – Bane’s First ‘Child.’
This picture show Connie as seen by Shelby. Connie wears her pink and blue polo shirt and shorts. Her black hair is tied up in a pony tail.
Connie: Sim – Bane’s first girlfriend.
Connie plays with Shelby who seems to be enjoying it. The two are smiling.
“Hi Shelby, want to play?”
Connie and Shelby are laughing together.
“Haha! You’re kind of fun, you know.”
Connie play the 'snap' game with Shelby. This is Shelby's favorite game.
“Snap! Snap! Snap!”
Connie stares at her hand in pain. Shelby just bit her, you can see the tongue cake as well.
Connie, closing her hand in pain, looks up at Shelby, surprised. Shelby is still smiling, but cake tongue. :)
“You bit me!”
Connie admonishes Shelby. Pointing her finger at the non-behaving creature.
“That’s not very nice, Shelby. You shouldn’t bite.”
Shelby actually looks ashamed, ducking its head in shame, as Connie yells at it.
“Bad Shelby! Very Bad.”
Connie, looking semi-annoyed/angry, shrugs in confusion at her lover's love for this
“What does Bane see in this creature?”

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