How to Make Ice Cream

Step 1. Find the “on” button

08-11-15_10-11 PM

Step 2. Add cream

08-11-15_10-12 PM

Step 3. Add flavors

08-11-15_10-12 PM-4

Step 4. Mix (May take a while)

08-11-15_10-12 PM-6

Step 5. Taste

08-11-15_10-13 PM

08-11-15_10-13 PM-3Step 6. Pick Your Toppings and Garnish

08-11-15_10-15 PM-2

Step 7. Enjoy

08-11-15_10-15 PM-4
08-11-15_10-36 PM
08-11-15_10-19 PM

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  1. I love seeing the ice cream swirl in the mixer! 🙂

    Super delicious! ninjapig asks if she can have some if she brings her own cone. (But by the time she gets there she’ll have eaten the bottom of it… xD)

    Liked by 3 people

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