The Adventures of Two Blue Peas

“onezero, Peneleop. I’m please to announce we have arrived!” Cocoa said taking a deep breath. You could tell your home hard drive by the way it made your pixels tingle. It felt like home.

Cocoa, Penelope, and onezero appear on the sidewalk in front of the house (which you can't see). Cocoa is loking at the house pensively, Penelope is heading towards the door (but looking up at Cocoa) and onezero is checking out the neighborhood. Cocoa is wearing brown, as normal, Penelope her white rainbow hoodie and brown cap, and onez her suit which helps her breath.

“That was fun,” onezero said with a huge smile. “Can we do it again?”

“Of course, you’ll have to use the gallery to get back home, right? But it’s late, we should head inside.” Cocoa led the way. The sidewalk and the hard drive felt right, but he felt a little like an intruder walking into his own home.

“It feels funny being back,” Penelope said. “I know all this, but it is like I have forgotten everyone or they have forgotten me.”

Cocoa agreed, but having traveled the gallery several times already he knew the feeling would pass. Friendships might have to be made again, but they were easier the second time. “Nova, Nebula!” he called out. “We’re home!”

“Oh!” Nova said rushing downstairs. “We weren’t sure when to expect you. I though you’d be here tomorrow.” She gave Penelope a big hug. “Welcome back. Your dad really missed you.”

“How was the spa?” Cocoa asked.

“Wonderful.” Nebula replied from the kitchen. “We’re both still in heaven from those massages.”

“My sister wants take up yoga, now.” Nova teased. Cocoa wasn’t surprised, Nebula was always wanting to work out or go for a run, he felt the same way. Maybe he should look up yoga.

“So you must be onezero.” Nova said as Nebula gave her niece a hug. “We’re glad you could come and visit. How was it? I’ve never travelled by gallery before, at least not between hard drives.”

Nova (in her pink cap) chat with onezero on the living room couch.

“It was very fun.” onezero paused to think of the best way to describe the experience. “Have you ever stepped into the silence in between the notes? That’s what it was like! Only it went on and on! But it wasn’t a dark silence. Oh, no. For all around was the thought of the next note about to be played. It was impending!”

Still on the couch, only now onezero is talking. Music plays in the background and Nova listens with a smile on her face.

Downstairs, Penelope was getting reacquainted with her stuffed unicorn.

“Acorna! You were right. Camp was so much fun. We had cupcakes everyday, and told stories, and played games… Yes. The other kids were very nice. There was another girl named Chiyo who told a story about a dragon. Only the dragon was not evil. And a boy named Finch who was an excellent violin player. He even performed as part of a trio … or was it a quintet? … for our last bonfire. And there was a boy named River. He was a bit of a trickster, but it was all in good fun.”

Acorna, a giant white unicorn with rainbow hair and who is as tall as a child sim listens to Penelope who is chatting away happily.

“Oh! And guess what, Acorna? There was another alien there. Her name is onezero and she’s come to visit for the rest of the summer, so be really nice to her. Don’t worry. I’m sure she’ll be your friend too.”

The girls were both exhausted after travelling all day and headed to bed early.

“Goodnight p2.” Penelope whispered as she crawled into bed.Penelope (in her adorable animal had and bunny pjs) crawls into the air mattress that has been set near her regular bed. onezero is already asleep.

But her friend was already fast asleep.

Cocoa, on the other hand, had difficulty falling asleep. He tried, but found himself awake again in the middle of the night. His stomach growled. Time for a midnight snack, he told himself and headed downstairs to the kitchen to see what was in the fridge.

Cocoa digs into a baked potato for his midnight snack (they're very popular as you will soon see). It's night outside which you can kind of tell looking through the window over the sink.

All his pixels were still buzzing after the last trip through the gallery. He wondered how gallery travel worked. Perhaps it had a connection to his studies on momentum. Like his momentum duplication machine. Could it be a variation in the vibration of pixels that caused the forward momentum through not only digital space, but actual space? He knew that via the gallery, a sim could end up anywhere at all. And what exciting sims he’d met.

Cocoa stand after washing his dishes at the sink looking out into the night sky. We are looking in on him from the window. (He's changed, btw, no longer wearing his brown hoodie, but his favorite black t-shirt with red hearts.

The sims he’d met were very different and had completely different backgrounds. CathyTea and Joel, the camp’s counselors, had both been so friendly when he’d arrived to pick up Penelope. He’d barely gotten to know them, but he knew they were both good people. And as simselves they both  were able to tap into a wealth of knowledge that was beyond an ordinary sim. He’d promised they’d visit. Maybe for the holidays.

If he was going to be awake, Cocoa figured he might as well be useful. He headed back upstairs the computer. He wanted to get his ideas on gallery travel down before he forgot this feeling. When the birds stating singing, he was reminded that he’d need to take a nap at least or he’d be useless tomorrow. Or rather today.

The girls, having gone to bed early, were up soon after Cocoa finally fell asleep.

“What are you watching p2?” Penelope asked.onezero sits on the couch in her pink and purple pajamas. She's watching TV, which if you look closely you can see reflected in the mirror behind her. Penelope is walking over with her breakfast of baked potatoes.“A movie about Simfu. They move like they are dancing to music we cannot hear.”

“Kind of like the 1,000 mommies. Most people can’t hear them, but we can.”

Penelope is in front of the couch now while onezero talks excitedly raising both her hands.
“Yes!” onezero said, “Exactly right. When the 1,000 mommies sing, I always feel like dancing.”

Outside of the girl’s view, Nebula and Nova were eavesdropping as they ate breakfast. They smiled at each other. As Cocoa had said, those two were defiantly two peas in a pod.

“You know,” Nova said. “I think it’s Cocoa’s birthday today.”

Nebula and Nova sit at the kitchen table in their pajamas, also eating the ever popular baked potato breakfast. Nebula's dark hair is braided and she wears her red pjs and a smile while listening to Nova (in her green and pink - duh) pjs who is talking.“I think you might be right? With all that gallery travel, do you think he’s forgotten?”

“Maybe. We should do something for him anyway. I think normally he’d want a big party, but with the girls here that would be hard. They might feel left out if it was all adults that they didn’t know.”

“Leave it to me,” Nebula said getting up fro the table and headed over to where the girls were. “I bet the girls and I can figure something fun for us all to do to celebrate.”

“Morning Penelope and onezero.” Nebula said sitting down on the empty corner of the couch. “I’ve got a proposition for you both.”

Nebula sits down on the couch with Penelope and onezero.“You might not know it, but today is your dad’s birthday, Penelope, and we wanted to do something special for him.”

“A surprise?” onezero asked.

“That’s a great idea. We can have a surprise party. We could make a cake and have ice cream.”

“But it can not be here, Aunt Nebula.” Penelope interrupted.

“What? Why?”

“Because then it wouldn’t be a surprise,” onezero said agreeing with Penelope.

“Father would see us preparing and that would spoil it.” Penelope explained. The three were silent for a moment as they tried to figure out how to host a party without letting Cocoa know about it.

“We could have it at the park!” Penelope said.

Nebula takes a bit of her breakfast while thinking of what do do. Penelope offers the suggestion of the park with a big smile.

“That’s a great idea.” Nebula said.

“We could get him to take us to the park this afternoon to play. Then he wouldn’t expect it. What do you think, onezero?” Penelope asked. She was excited about the idea of having a party for her father. He was always doing things for her, taking her to the library, taking her to camp, that she wanted to thank him properly.

“There’s so much air there!” onezero grinned at Penelope in complete agreement of the plan.

Penelope turns to onezero with her question.

“Good morning, onezero,” Cocoa said sitting down at the kitchen table. “Did you sleep well?”

“My 1,000 mommies sang me to sleep last night. Do you know Brahms’ lullaby?”

Cocoa and onezero at the kitchen table now. Cocoa is waving good morning, while onze is excited to see him. (She's still in her pjs, but Cocoa is in his favorite t-shirt still).“I do! It’s very relaxing if a bit overplayed. But I wish they had sung to me last night. Might have helped me sleep.”

“You know the words right?”

“The words?”

“To the lullaby.” onezero closed her eyes and sang, “Go to sleep, baby owl. For the sun’s in the sky. It is much to bright outside, for a little owl to fly. You can rest in your next while the sun’s in the sky. You can rest in your nest till it’s dark enough to fly.”

“Oh, that was wonderful, onezero. You have a very good singing voice.” Cocoa said. onezero smiled at the compliment. “So what do you want to do today? It’s Saturday so I don’t work.”

“The park!” onezero said with a big smile.

Cocoa and onezero, still at the table. Cocoa has his arms out in a questioning gesture, while onze is smiling excitedly. She knows what going to the park means.


  1. This is so sweet! These alien kids are just so adorable ❤

    And I wasn't confused! Although it would be probably more fun if I was already acquainted with this generation of your legacy (but I'll get there soon 🙂 )

    Liked by 1 person

    • Actually, Penelope is from a spin off that happen back in generation 5 or 6 when get to work came out. So technically you don’t even have to read all 8 legacy generations first.

      I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I’ve got some really cool ideas for their summer vacation. Which unless I keep writing two posts for every one I plan, shouldn’t take much longer for the big adventure to begin.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. It was fun seeing the two p’s get settled back into Penelope’s room. So you had the same instance of Penelope and her dad come back to the game after being gone? Currently, my sims that are at camp also are still at home and I was considering having the camp instances go to a separate save, so they wouldn’t lose relationships. Hmm. I’m not sure yet how I want to do it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I struggled with this, I really wanted the same Penelope I sent to camp to come back. So when I sent Cocoa by himself to pick them up, Cathy was kind enough to package all three of them and I re-added to the household. I didn’t really play the save during camp beyond moving Penelope out of the house and then Cocoa so they could come back. (I have an extra Cocoa+Penelope in my Timeless save to help me plan some stuff, but I don’t count them.)

      I had to repair Cocoa’s fatherhood to Penelope, but those two get along really well and Nebula and Nova are both very kind so they’ll be back up to best friend status in no time. I also lost all of Cocoa’s science gear so he’s been having to remake them all. But all in all, I’m pleased that it worked out.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, it is really hard to decide which way to do this. I spent a lot of effort trying, only somewhat successfully, to repair family ties between the culled sims I brought back from the Gallery last month, so that’s the main reason I’m reluctant to have the Fiona and Felicity that attend camp return to the family instead of the ones that didn’t really leave.

        How did you repair his fatherhood to her? Did you do it in CAS before moving them in? The relationships for Fiona and Felicity are probably much more complex, with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and a mom and dad each. Thanks for responding, it helps with working through what to do.


        • Yeah. I used Cas. Although in my timeless save I forgot and had to use the cheat code there’s a bunch for mending relationships

          ….with a full family tree, a wouldn’t risk it though. The game already lost Nebula and Novas cousin status when they first moved in, so the tree here is pretty bare and easily recreated.

          Liked by 1 person

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