A Surprise Party for Cocoa

Their day decided, everyone hurried to get ready before it got too late. Nebula begged off claiming she had work to do. Although she was planning to secretly buy balloons and bake a cake for the party.

onezero mans (aliens?) the playground spaceship controls while Penelope heads for the bubble cannons. Onez is wearing a red dress with red and black stripes and her owl hat; Penelope is wearing her regular white hoodie and brown cap.

Penelope was no longer nervous meeting the other children at the park. She knew now that not everyone would be upset that she was an alien. Soon the two were embroiled in an epic space opera.

“We’re holding steady, all molecules are in their proper place and speed.” onezero called out. “Engaging fuchsia dectector, coordinates CC397B. She adjusted the ship’s speed as she deftly navigated between the spinning asteroids.

onezero pressed the fuchsia button on the ship playground to activate the fuchsia detector.

“Do you see anything, P1?”

Penelope stared through the swishing meteors. Trying to catch a glimpse of their enemy, the dreaded Bear Pirate. The pirate had pursued them across the galaxy on account of their cargo of cross-pollinated carrot cupcakes. Which they must deliver to the space station Endion to relieve hunger galaxy-wide.

Penelope is up top with the bubble cannon staring off into space while onezero runs the ship.

“No yet!” she called back, before suddently –

“There! To the right! Turn, Turn!” Penelope pointed.Pointing to her right, Penelope shouts to onezero behind her.

She got the bubble cannons ready. “Nobody steal our cupcakes,” she growled as the ship banked, just barely avoiding one of the nearby asteroids. They pulled next to the pirate’s ship.

Penelope glowers in mock anger at the pirate bear (not seen) her hands ready on the bubble cannon.

“Pop! Pop!” Penelope cried firing the cannon. “The magnetic moment of the bubbles will stop the pirate ship.”

Bubbles gently float out of the bubble cannon, but Penelope make it look like it's a lot of work to shot it.

“See, look. The ship can no longer move. It’s lost all momentum. Carry forth, p2! We must delivery our cargo before the bear finds a way to escape.

Nova was nearby playing chess with a neighbor.

“You’re a cop, huh?” Her opponent asked as they chatted.

“Detective,” Nova corrected with a smile. She was two moves from checkmate. It was fun watching Penelope and onezero play with the other children. Penelope had been so reserved. More afraid of what the kids would think about her. It had been an excellent idea to send her to camp.

“Isn’t that the police chief, walking over there?”

In the background in the space ship playground (you can even see onezero at the helm); in the foreground in Nova in her pink cap playing chess with a man in a red hoodie and a large mustache. He's cheating by making her look away.

Nova turned, surprised, She didn’t know the chief was in the habit of frequenting this park. But the only man on the walking path was Cocoa, who was jogging.

“I didn’t see him,” she turned back to the board suspiciously. As she suspected her opponent had moved a piece on the board. As little good that did him. She checkmated him in three turns, never letting on that she’d noticed his cheat. As she was standing up to leave, she saw a familiar face.

Nova and Nebula (who has arrived - for some reason in her workout clothes) chat in the park.“Are we ready?”

“Just about, I’ve just got to set up the room. Send the girls in to help. But don’t let Cocoa in for another twenty minutes.

“What are you doing?” onezero asked their new friend who was handing from the the outside of the spaceship.

onezero is staring up at a girl in a cap and purple pants who is hanging from the bars attached to the wings of the spaceship playground.

“It’s time for the spacewalk!” the girl replied. “I’m going to fly up to the cargo hatches to make sure our cupcakes are secure.

“She could fly,” onezero thought to herself. “She could really fly if she knew that the molecules surrounding her had spinning electrons and then if she let her own electrons spin in unison with them, the accumulating force of spinniness would lift her up and she could fly as high as high can be!”

“Girls,” Nebula called softy as she passed the playground. “Let’s go set up.” The two ran inside careful not to be seen by Cocoa who was preparing dinner.

Cocoa is grilling up hotdogs. In the distance you can see little onezero running for the park party room. Pay no attention to the lack of roof, I forgot to put it up.

Nova intercepted her cousin as he tried to find where the girls since they were no longer on the playground.

“I think they went to the bathroom,” she said as he pulled the hot dogs off the grill. Cocoa wasn’t much of a cook, that was Nebula’s forte, but since she wasn’t around, it was the least he could do.

Plate of hotdogs ready to be served, Cocoa and Nova chat. Nova looks like she is consoling her cousin as he looks a little sad.

Back inside, Nebula was putting the final touches on the party room.

“Perfect, now to set out the cake,” she said. They might not have a cupcake machine like the girls’ had wanted, but ice cream would be a cool treat for such a hot day.

Nebula taste the ice cream she made for the party - I think it was peach sorbet?

“Do you think ice cream tastes as good as cupcakes?”

onezero (on the left) and Penelope (on the right) sit on a couch, chatting. Behind them are balloon streamers.

“‘As good as’ has no meaning for it implies sameness and we are more interested in not-so-sameness. What do you think about cold? And also creaminess? Do you think that the creaminess of icing is not-so-same as the creaminess of ice-cream? Or same-same?”

“True. If there is happiness involved, it is probably same-same. I predict that this ice cream will taste almost like cupcakes. But as you know it must taste different since since ice cream requires momentum to freeze. It must spin and spin before it can bring happiness. While cupcakes require heat.”

At last it was time and Nova hurried ahead to warn the group that Cocoa was coming.

Nova stands in the room arms outstretched in a "surprise!" There are balloons and streamers over all the windows.

“Surprise!” Nova and the girls shouted as Cocoa walked in the door. He looked over at the bar where a cake stood, candle already lit. Wait, he thought. Who’s birthday is it?

Cocoa looks over to the corner of the bar where a cake and ice cream sit ready for be eaten. The cake has candles already lit.

“Happy Birthday dear Cocoa!” onezero and Peneleope sang together their light voices joined by an almost audible buzzing harmony. He checked his age bar. All that time in the gallery and in the Timeless save, but yep. Full bar. It was his birthday.

onezero with a huge smile, sings happy birthday to Cocoa.

“Happy birthday, Father,” Penelope said as they finished their song. Cocoa started laughing.In the foreground Cocoa laughs at his forgetfulness, the girls sit on the couch behind him, chatting amicably.

“You know I had completely forgotten it was my birthday.”Cocoa turns to talk the girls, behind him is Nebula with a knowing smile.

“Thought you might.” Nebula said from behind him with a big smile. “It was the girls’ idea. onezero thought a surprise party would be best and Penelope decided on the park as our location.

“Are you going to blow out the candles now?” Penelope asked. She hadn’t ever attended a birthday party before and was excited to see what she considered the main event. The birthday spin. “Make a wish!” she shouted. As everyone got ready to celebrate.

Cocoa thought long and hard about his wish. It wasn’t everyday you became an adult. His life was pretty good, good friends, good job, great family. What more did he want?

A very serious looking Cocoa struggles to think of the best birthday wish. We look up at him from the cake's point of view.

onezero throws confetti to celebrate, while Nebula blows a horn.

Penelope also throws confetti. The little fool wouldn't leave her chair to get any closer to the birthday.

And done. Cocoa finishes his adulthood spin, sparkles flying. (Ps the hot dogs have been added to the buffet, although no one ate them)

Penelope gave her dad a big hug. “You are the best father I could have,” she said, holding him close.

Penlope gives her father a big hug.

Then it was time for the party to begin.

onezero is the first to try the ice cream as Penelope and Cocoa chat in the background. Also a random sim has joined in the fun.

onezero enjoys her ice cream. Penelope sits nearby smiling. (She's about to go get her own).

Sitting on the party room couches are onezero (ice cream finished) the random townie who looks like he just spilled ice cream on his shirt, Cocoa (with ice cream) and Penelope (also bearing a cone)

Sisters Nebula and Nova share a laugh as they eat their ice cream.

As it grew dark, onezero found Cocoa laying outside staring up at the sky.

Cocoa is lying on the stone outside. onezero is just sitting down to join him in cloudgazing.

“It’s hard to see the hard drives in the daytime” she said after a moment of companionable silence.

“How did you know I was looking for them?” Cocoa asked surprised. “I thought it might be late enough. But I can only see the clouds. That one looks like a hungry piglet.”

Cocoa points up at a cloud looking surprisingly like ninjapig. onezero can see the shape too.

onezero giggled as the tiny piglet cloud raced across the darkening sky before vanishing into a much larger cloud.

He laid there watching the cloud long after it had submerged itself into the larger one thinking about this little girl. Not his daughter, but there was a pull, a familiarity between them even though they had just met a few days ago. This alien from another hard drive.

“Did they speak to you?” onezero asked.


“The thousand ones, when they took you and gave you Penelope.”

“I don’t remember it happening at all, actually. So if they did speak to me, I forgot it. I hear that’s common here. Not to remember.” He tried to think back to that night. He remembered waking up in the middle of the night, when normally he slept until morning, and then it was morning and he was standing outside. There was a buzz that filled him, like a thousand tiny particles pressing against him.

“That’s the song of the the 1,000 mommies.” onezero explained although Cocoa didn’t remember speaking aloud. “You have a gentle heart, that’s why they gave you Penelope. It’s twice as gentle as other hearts. There.” she pointed.
onezero points out her hard drive in the dimming light. Cocoa has a huge smile on his face.

“That’s my hard drive.”

They all got home late. “Well girls, Nebula said with a smile. I think that party went off without a hitch!”Back home. It's dark. Nebula is looking quite confident that the party was a success. Cocoa is smiling and looking the girls who are also smiling.

They were all tired, but onezero had something that needed to be done before she was ready to go to bed. Plus she’d promised CathyTea that she would keep in touch.

onezero sits at the computer upstairs, typing an email to CathyTea.

Email compsed, she pauses and looks at the camera with a knowing, secretive smile.

Once that was done, she headed off to bed.

“Goodnight, P1,” she whispered.

Tonight onezero sleeps on the mattress. Penelope is already alseep.


  1. This was such a wonderful party for Cocoa and a great time of bonding for the two blue peas! And ninjapig came over to have ice cream and cake too! 😀 ( . . )

    I love this so much! These two are so adorable. ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • I figured you’d notice her. There was so much ice cream and cake and snacks around, I knew she wouldn’t be too far away. 😀

      This was supposed to all be part of the previous chapter in my outline. Oh how fast planning things fall apart. If I keep writing this much for every planned post I’ll never get this done before I leave on vacation. But they’re so cute, it’s hard not to take my time playing and writing.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Oh, the picture of onezero looking at the camera after writing to CathyTea was great. I love the girls’ story about the pirate bear and the cross-pollinated carrot cupcakes, and their discussion of sameness or differentness, and ice cream requires spinning where cupcakes require heat. It was neat too, how you are handling them not being the same instance of themselves that went to camp (as well as Cocoa), and not remembering everything. But onezero was able to help him remember a bit, it seems like. The party room looked great. It was a great party.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I loved that last picture. She just looks so proud of herself. I have no idea what she wrote, but the plan is for CT to get the email one of theses days. And I love that the two went out to watch the clouds/stars during his party. I find Cocoa (and Nebula too) are often seeking out onezero to talk to.

      They are actually the same instance that went to camp. Cathy gave them all back to me and I repaired relationships and added them back to the story, since this save doesn’t have much family tree to repair. So that particular Penelope is the one that went to camp and now is back.

      Liked by 1 person

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