Best Friends Forever

“I think Cocoa was surprised yesterday,” Nebula said as the three ate breakfast. the next morning. “It was a good party.”

“I agree.” Penelope said. “Even without cupcakes there was plenty of happiness to go around. And this cake you baked is twice as delicious today.”

08-20-15_9-52 PM-2

Nebula laughed at Penelope’s enthusiasm. “So, Cocoa and Nova have to work today, what are the two of you planning to do?”

“Swimming,” onezero said. She had spied the pool in the backyard. “This place is hot and dry and that makes it hard for me breathe. Water is like air because it has no fixed shape.”

“I want to work in my garden as well.” Penelope said. “I have not seen my plants since I left for camp. They probably need tending.”

Nebula nodded. “That sounds like a good plan, then maybe in the afternoon we can go to the library.08-20-15_9-53 PM-3

“Yes!” the girls said in unison.

They spent the morning swimming.

“Last one in is a diploid organism!” Penelope shouted as she jumped into the pool.

“Are we all diploid organisms?”

“Not with 1,000 mommies. I think that makes us Milloid organisms.”

“I have no idea what you two are talking about.” Nebula grinned. 08-23-15_6-44 AM-4

The pool was perfect that day. Cool enough to take the edge of the sun’s heat. The girls had a race.

08-23-15_6-44 AM

08-23-15_6-44 AM-2

“The little water molecules have so much fun with you that they hold on and say, ‘Slow down, P2! Don’t go so fast! Stay a little longer!'” onezero said grinning as Penelope caught up to her water-bug friend.

“I think the molecules help you, p2. You’re bluer like them, so they like you.”

“But color’s just the refraction of light on the molecules, blue water means they hold the other colors and bounce back blue.”

“Just like they bounced you to the finish line!” Penelope explained. She would have to get some of the water molecules under a microscope and see if they reacted more strongly to other things that were blue.

After lunch, it was time to go to the library.

“I think the 1,000’s have the hiccups! Can you feel how buzzy the buzz is?” onezero whipsered to Penelope as they followed Nebula into the library. Penelope nodded.

08-23-15_6-55 AM-2

“Or else, they’re excited about something. Maybe they like libraries too. But there’s an extra sharp buzz in the air.”

“Best friend forever?”

“Best friends forever!”

08-23-15_6-53 AM

Although the Willow Creek Library was huge, onezero felt completely at home. She knew exactly the book she was looking for.

08-23-15_6-57 AM-4

It was called “The First Unicorn” and wasn’t available on her own hard drive, at least with time being an inconstant, it wasn’t available yet. It was about a horse who knew he was a really a unicorn, and a goat who was really a llama. And their adventures to find a wizard to help others see their true nature. The author was Redbud Bough.

08-23-15_6-58 AM

onezero finished the book in record time. She’d been waiting to read that book since she was a young adult for the second time. Her future niece had told her the story then and  it had sounded so exciting. “It’s a good thing time’s my relative,” she thought to herself. “Otherwise I’d have to wait until I was an adult for a third time to read the book.”

Penelope found a book to read as well. She liked to read from the second story and watch everyone in the library below.08-23-15_7-00 AM-2

They both checked out books and then the three headed home.

08-23-15_7-04 AM

08-23-15_7-06 AM-3

While the girls played, Cocoa was hard at work. He was close to his next big breakthrough. By using applied momentum to vibrate molecules at exactly the right frequency, he could convince the molecules to connect to other distant molecules. He and  A9 were certain that if they found the correct frequency, they could create a portal that you could walk through on one side and emerge in an entirely different place.

08-20-15_9-17 PM

A9 had agreed that such a portal should be possible to build and that his theory was sound. And so, while the Penelope was away at camp, they’d made the prototype.

05-02-15_10-18 PM-2

Now it was just a matter of tuning the frequency to find the right distant molecules. That was was proving harder than expected.

“Welcome home father!” Penelope cried when she spied Cocoa walking down the sidewalk.

“Hello, silver bug!” He was exhausted but one hug from his daughter seemed to solve all his woes.

08-20-15_12-42 AM-2

“What’s for dinner? I’m starved.” He said following her back inside. Nebula had made burgers. Which he ate while listening to the girls talking about their day.

“Will you help me with my plants, father? I think they are ready to evolve but I’m not sure how do that.” They headed outside.

08-20-15_12-47 AM-2

“They are growing very well, Penelope.” Cocoa said. “I think you’re right. See that spark?”

Penelope nodded.

“That spark is the plant telling you it’s happy and well fed and it’s time for it’s birthday.”

“Plants have birthdays?”

“Yes, but they have many more birthdays than we do. You know how there were sparkles when I blew out my candles?”

“And confetti. Do we need to have Nebula bake a cake?”

“Well, cake is always good for birthday, but that much sugar isn’t good for the soil. Instead you can just bend down so only all you see is the plant.” He demonstrated.

08-20-15_12-47 AM-4

“Then, very quietly you can wish it a happy birthday.” As Cocoa spoke, the plant suddenly emitted a bright glow and large bubbles and sparkles appeared around it. It was quieter than a sim birthday, but no less amazing. Penelope was entranced.

08-20-15_12-48 AM-2

“There. Easy as pi.” he announced.

08-20-15_12-48 AM-6

“3.14159265359-” Penelope agreed. Cocoa stopped her with a big hug knowing she could continue in that vein for quite some time. Pi was easy for Penelope.

“Aw you. Give me a hug.”

08-20-15_12-54 AM

“Thank you father,” she said.

“So what was the best part about today?

“The library!”

08-20-15_12-54 AM-4

“Tell me all about it.”

And Penelope did.

08-20-15_12-56 AM-4


  1. This is so lovely! It really is crazy blue heaven! Just imagine how amazing it is for these two to have someone around who does understand what they talk about and doesn’t look at them like they’re nuts! It’s what any of us would wish for!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. With every post I have to resist the overwhelming urge to just head over to your hard drive and hug them! I’m glad I haven’t exactly found how to just yet, because a sudden ninjapig hug would scare these two! And we wouldn’t want that. 😉

    Now every time I evolve my plants, I’ll sing a little happy birthday song in my mind to them! 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh this was so good. I love the conversation between the two p’s– like how the water molecules don’t want to let her go, that was brilliant! And then Penelope wants to check to see if she can tell if they are attracted more under a microscope. The plants’ birthdays were great too, and the way Penelope’s dad explained it. I’m excited to see him get the portal working, and curious about the buzz. Maybe it was because they were becoming best friends?

    Liked by 1 person

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