My plan had been to finish off the Blue Peas story (there’s about four or five more chapters planned) before the end of summer. For a lot of really good reasons it made sense to sneak that story in now. Sadly it didn’t happen. I’ve been way too busy this past week to play any Sims at all. You see, I’m doing the Camino de Santiago – a pilgrimage across the northern part of Spain. My sister and I will be walking 500 miles from Roncesvalles on the French border to Santiago and then another three days to the ‘End of the World’ – the original designation for the pilgrimage and on the Atlantic coast.

Walking 500 miles, that’s around 6 to 8 hours a day of walking, takes a while. We’re taking it kind of slow and will be in Spain for 7 weeks. That means I won’t be updating this blog. (My awesome plans for preparing a few posts to occur each week while I was gone, also fell through.) We’re sharing a twitter though, if you’re interested in following along:

But never fear – this will give you all a chance to catch up. There’s a lot to read here!

My Pigglewiggle Legacy is smack in the middle of generation 9. So close to the end, we can taste it. And in my fifth generation spinoff Sidelines story, Cocoa, Nebula, and Nova have just about reached the top of their Get to Work careers. Penelope from my Blue Peas story is from that game as well and they’re off exploring Sixam.

Of course perhaps you just want to read something that’s already finished? There’s my Wonderchilde story – I’ll be taking my Wonder child, Adam Childe, and sending him off to do an apocalypse challenge when I return. And there’s Derelict which was a Room Challenge with a young girl trapped in space.

If you’re feeling non-simmy, there’s also my Skyrim adventures with Leona Secondborne, huntress turned hero. I’m hoping to finish off the main quest this year and I have some other awesome characters planned to explore that world.

I’m not going to panic about getting so little done on this blog. I shall leave you with a shot from a zen-like gardening game I was playing today while I packed…Viridi.

2015-08-31 04_24_32-Viridi


  1. Have a great time in Spain! No worries about your stories and your Sims; I’m sure they’ll be happily swimming in the pool and having ice cream while your hard drive is dormant.

    *oink* Oh. ninjapig says that they might gain a few pounds. But hopefully the swimming will negate all that! 😀

    Anyway! Enjoy your Spanish experience! 🙂 ❤

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