Spooky Moon Treats


The Blue Peas are going trick or treating in Newcrest. This is a lighthearted event, not scary or dark. There are two ways to participate.

1. Up to five kids can join oneZero and Penelope as they visit Newcrest for their first Halloween. Sign up on the sims forum: Freezer Bunny Holiday

2. Help populate Newcrest with Spooky houses. House exteriors will mainly be used. Tag houses #spookymoon in the gallery. Due October 24th. 

No collaboration is required to submit houses. For kids, if you are available for some light joint writing the last week of October, that’s great. Otherwise, a bio of the child would be wanted to capture their personality.

I have all the packs, but play a mostly vanilla game. I’ll add a little cc for this if you tell me where to get it, but mostly vanilla is preferred.

Leave questions or ideas in the comments, but know I may not be able to respond before Oct. 15th.


Your two cents,

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