Connie kisses band passionately in the the dusk-light.

8.15 Wedding Bells

She caught me outside during that perfect sunset. I was weak. Or maybe it was just that the timing was too perfect to pass up.

“Will you marry me?”

I said yes. How could I say otherwise? She was perfect in every way. The way her hips swing when she walks, the sparkle in her eyes, the curve of her lips when she smiles. She makes me happy. Me. happy. I was supposed to be the hard-hearted evil villain of this tale.Connie kisses band passionately in the the dusk-light.We invited folks on our next day off. Saturday. This was supposed to be “our” day. At least that what we thought. But I invited Alicia and she came all dressed in black like bride in mourning. Sure I’d thought about going with her, but she was all hot and cold. Never had the time for me.

Alicia in a black wedding dress and a straw hat.

She tried to make the day all about her. Tried to steal the spotlight from us.

Alicia lays down on the kitchen floor. Death has arrived at the wedding.

I made Grim give her her life back. She wasn’t the only one who tried to take to the limelight.

Shelby's cake treat is being taken by a young woman in a red shirt and red plaid skirt. I don't think we know her.

I made Shelby spit her back out. This day was all about Connie and me.

Alicia puts on the ring on Bane - she's wearing a lovely white dress; Bane has opted for a more causal jacket for his wedding attire.

I might not have looked it, but I took this wedding seriously. And it’s not often I get to see my siblings. I am family-oriented after all. I miss them, but don’t tell them I said that.Luthor in his suit is eating proper food - the wedding cake is on the table and Bane...well he's eating an ice cream.

Okay, I *see* Luthor all the time, but Ivy doesn’t get to see us. Plus Julienne and his wife came, they didn’t bring their kid though. So I still haven’t met the little guy. But all in all, I think the wedding went well enough – gold metal in fact.

Bane cleans up after the party, the plate of dirty dishes is huge.

We cleaned up the place.

Connie - at night and still in her wedding dress - feeds Shelby.

And once we got everything squared away, I thought it might be time for Connie and I to take it to the next level.

Note: This chapter reflects events that no longer happened. My game crashed. Although this is an opportunity for a lovely dream sequence or something equally creative, I just don’t have the heart. I really hate replaying (on the plus side, my game now autosaves!). So I’m going to say this was the real wedding even if events end up different the second time around. Or perhaps the next wedding is the ‘dream’ wedding.

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Legacy Update: Wedding Take Two


  1. I hope your Pigglewiggles are all intact! Connie looked so beautiful in her bridal dress. And I loved how those two ladies almost died at their wedding! Not so much the fact that they almost died, but the drama it caused and how Bane saw it as them trying to steal his thunder! XD Very like him.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yeah, the game is fine, just the video card glitched on me. Sigh. And I just got a new video card this year. It was hilarious…in an evil way. Man Bane has really rubbed off on me. His voice is just too easy.

      Liked by 2 people

      • That has happened to ninjaboar before…he was pretty angry about it. Super frustrating. I hope that your warranty on the card hasn’t expired? 😦

        Haha love it! He’s an amazing character! 🙂


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